Luchardsko Empire

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Empire of Luchardsko
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Neo-Prussian Empire



Calvarian Empire

other members of the Third Alliance

Tredorian Empire


Immortal Empire

Notable People

The empire is located in the far reaches of the Brikiverse, near the Tredorian Empire, the Imeon Conglomeration and the Benjaminian Republic. The capital planet of Luchardsko is the planet Hus, the name being a remnant of the Hussite Federation, when it was the capital of the alliance between Luchardsko, Tredoria, Benjaminia and Imeon. The ancestors of Luchardsko are believed to have come through a rift space and time from another galaxy and landed on the planet Hus, and the other ex-federation nations are also believe to have come through the same rift.


Pre Great Unification

While the planet that Luchardsko came from is unknown, many history records have been compiled through legends and other written documents found near and on the planet Hus. From these sources, a probable history has been made.

On their home planet the Luchards (the ancestors of Luchardsko) lived with other tribes, such as the Nuchards, Buchards, Guchards, Elchards, Jochards and others. After a while war broke out, and after many centuries, the Luchards, Buchards and Nuchards prevailed. However, the Luchards broke the alliance and defeated their allies, after which they united the whole planet under king Hus The Unifier, and a new calendar was started with the day of the unification being 0 AGU (After Great Unification) and all dates before the Unification BGU (Before Great Unification).