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{{Trademark_Warning|details='''M-TRON''' is a trademark of LEGO Systems Inc.
{{Trademark_Warning|details='''M-TRON'''® is a trademark of LEGO Systems Inc. Consider renaming.
'''BLACKTRON''' is a trademark of LEGO Systems Inc. Consider [[DarkTron]] instead.
'''BLACKTRON'''® is a trademark of LEGO Systems Inc. Consider [[DarkTron]] instead.
'''THE FORCE''' is a trademark of LucasFilms Ltd. Consider the [[Farce]] instead.}}
'''THE FORCE'''® is a trademark of Lucasfilm Ltd. Consider the [[Farce]] instead.}}
{{Faction|name=M-Tron Empire|image=Empirelogo.PNG|structure=Empire|teklevel=[[Tek Level]] 6|influence=Controls more than 1000 planets in the Imperial Territory|allies=None|enemies=Whoever acts againt the greater good|characters= [[Emperor]], Gerhard Eisenadler, Heinrich Frieder, Claudia Luftstadt, Bernhard Neuwald, Dieter Stahlwald, Sigmund Weisswelt}}
{{Faction|name=M-Tron Empire|image=Empirelogo.PNG|structure=Empire|teklevel=[[Tek Level]] 6|influence=Controls more than 1000 planets in the Imperial Territory|allies=None|enemies=Whoever acts againt the greater good|characters= [[Emperor]], Gerhard Eisenadler, Heinrich Frieder, Claudia Luftstadt, Bernhard Neuwald, Dieter Stahlwald, Sigmund Weisswelt}}

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M-Tron Empire
Tek Level 6
Controls more than 1000 planets in the Imperial Territory
None listed
Whoever acts againt the greater good
Notable People
Emperor, Gerhard Eisenadler, Heinrich Frieder, Claudia Luftstadt, Bernhard Neuwald, Dieter Stahlwald, Sigmund Weisswelt



M-Tron is the thirteenth planet in the Tron star system. The name M-Tronians once referred to the inhabitants of this planet, but after the establishment of the M-Tron Empire, many systems were conquered or willingly joined to the Empire and now M-Tronians can refer to the inhabitants of either the planet M-Tron or the Imperial Territory.

Today the M-Tron Empire is considered one of the strongest empires in the BrikVerse. The Emperor, Creator and the Leader of the Empire, rules thousands of planets across the BrikVerse. The ultimate goal of the Emperor is to establish the greater good for all the organic and synthetic lifeforms in the BrikVerse. To reach this goal he is willing to use all means necessary. The Empire is always ready to fight against evil.


Before the Empire

Thousands of years ago, there was a ancient civilization called "Minerse" as mentioned in the ancient books. Minerse was initially a galaxy-wide industrial corporation that gained enormous power by mining operations and were able to establish their own galactic civilization. Members of this civilization lived in luxury and wealth for thousands of years in their villas and palaces in planet surfaces. They reached a very advanced level in manufacturing technology as well as genetics.

Eventually they managed to get a sample DNA of the First Deadly SpaceMan and used it to create clones for work power. Genetic manipulation and intensive use of drugs made the clones excellent workers. Many versions of clones were produced and abandoned. Some of the most effective clones were the clones that work in the Magnet mines in M-Tron.

All clones throughout the universe work in very bad conditions under the planetary surface. These underworld workers created a culture and mythological system of their own. Since they have no contact with surface or other cultures, they started to worship Minerse members as Gods who created them and the mining sub-contractor mine keepers as gods' servants. Those mineservants who are from different species but no yellows, forced the clones to work as much as they want and as hard as they want. Even some of them were so ambitious and greedy forcing the clones to work to death.

Thousands of years passed in ignorance until a special clone was born. As clones are brought to life by number assigned, he didn't have a name at birth, but since he was the first born of the production batch, he was named as Progenitus by his clone friends meaning "The firstborn". He had the special ability to feel the magnetic energy of crystals, which he kept as a secret from the other clones and the mine keepers to protect himself and his friends.

He was probably the most curious of all clones and a skeptic about the information he got from the myths and stories about the mine keepers. In the time of the Great Riots he experienced a miracle where he became one with the ultimate energy of the magnetic core and the event led him to his life changing travel to other universes and timelines. Thousands of years passed for him, but only days for the people of the BrikVerse. When he come back he was the most powerful psychic in the universe and he was ready to lead people to reach the greater good.

Establishment of the Empire

During the Great Riots the Emperor showed up as a leader of his kind, and he united all systems where clones were used as workers. He prevented the mass killing of the surface people by the rioting clones and became the protector of both the clones and surface inhabitants. After he secured the peace on M-Tron, he created a new imperial rule where the clones and natural-borns are treated as equals.

Era of Peace

At first the Empire included only planets where the clones had overthrown the rule of the mine keepers and Minerse and earned their freedom. In this era M-tron continued mining and other industrial operations, and very little military action was seen. Production of clones was stopped, but millions of hibernating clones were still present in hibernation facilities in many planets. The Emperor decided that hibernating clones should be woken up, not all at once, but group by group, preventing social disorder or starvation.

Wealth and prosperity in the Empire increased rapidly. Arts and culture also advanced rapidly in this era. Gigantic buildings covered the skies of the planets. Most of the imperial planets of this era would be later known as the inner core planets. In this era the clone mining workers wore neon-green visors to see better underground. Black helmets with neon-green visors, red shirts with M symbol and white pants became an icon of industrial development in this era.

The function of the relatively small military forces was only defense of systems and space borders. In this era the M-Tron empire seemed more a commercial union of people rather than an imperial regime. The Emperor thought that peace and prosperity was the way to the greater good.

Black-Tron Rebellion

Unfortunately, the era of peace didn't last long. At first the trade convoys started being raided by pirates. Therefore the imperial fleet was founded to protect the trade routes and ore transportation. The mining colonies started being attacked by NegaVerse creatures, space orks, and other non-yellow species.

Despite all the efforts of the Emperor to solve the problems peacefully, no peace could be founded with the enemies. The Emperor understood that the planetary defense forces were not enough to protect the peace. He founded the Imperial Army and united all the defense forces under it. The attacks on the planets decreased a little after the foundation of the central army command, but were not ended completely. At that time the Emperor still believed that there was no need for an aggressive military action against the enemy. A hatred started to grow between people of M-Tron against non-yellows, but many members of non-yellow species still continued their lives on imperial planets.

As the number of losses increased, protest against non-yellows started to be seen all over the Empire. People thought that they were responsible for the losses in the attacks on the colonies and convoys. A group of radicals in B-Tron, the second planet in the Tron system, started to meet in secrecy and wanted all non-yellows to be expelled from imperial territory or killed if they refused to leave.

A group went to the Emperor's palace to sound their demands, but the Emperor refused to act against innocent non-yellows and promise to stop the killings of clones in colonies. Unconvinced, the group returned to B-Tron and decided to act themselves, starting to bully the non-yellows on their planet. The news reached quickly to the Emperor's palace, and by the order of the Emperor, the security forces arrested the protesters who had acted violently against the non-yellows.

After that the protesters founded a secret organization named Black-tron. Their primary goal was to force the Emperor to expel the non-yellows, who were not willing to protect the yellow. If he was not willing to cooperate he would be overthrown. They made a plan and contacted soldiers with B-tron origin who were assigned in M-Tron. In a regular monthly inspection where the Emperor inspected the military forces, they tried capture the Emperor's young son Dieter and his wife Lady Linden to blackmail the Emperor.

But they underestimated the psychic force of the Emperor. As he felt a disturbance in the Farce, he returned quickly to his palace and discovered the Black-Tron members as they caught his wife and son. The Emperor ordered them to surrender, but they refused. They knew that they couldn't kill the Emperor, but they threatened to kill his son and wife. The Emperor tried to psychically drop the weapon of the Black-tronian, but the Black-tronian assumed that the Emperor was willing to kill them and in haste he pulled the trigger. The wife was shot in the head and died.

The Emperor's guards shot the Black-tronians and saved the son. The Emperor was very sad about what had happened, and locked himself away to meditate.

In the meantime, the followers of the dead Black-tronians started a riot on B-Tron. They also started terrorist activities on other planets of the Empire. They used stealth suits to infiltrate official facilities. Although the combined force of internal security forces and the imperial army was able the stop the major protests, the head of the riot could not be captured because the Black-tron had some members in the Imperial Army as well.

The Emperor emerged from the meditation chamber and was convinced that he had no choice but destroy the leaders of the riot to stop the violence. He decided to create a new armed force selecting the most loyal and elite members of the Imperial Army. The Imperial Guard was founded to defeat the Black-tron and to defend the imperial rule at any cost. They were suited up with the same black stealth uniform that the Black-tron members used to infiltrate facilities.

The Imperial Guard succeeded in finding and killing the leaders of the Black-tronians. The rest of the Black-tronians stood trial and were condemned to death or imprisonment according to their crimes, but the Emperor was merciful and decided to banish them from the imperial region. If they came back to the imperial territory, they would be sentenced to death. Getting their freedom, they promised not to come back. The merciful act of the Emperor was appreciated by the citizens of the Empire.

Today it is known that exiled Black-tronian gangs settled in distant systems and formed an alliance that controls a network of black market trade and secret intelligence. The alliance they built didn't become an enemy of the Empire but is definitely not an ally either.

The Imperial Guard is still centered in several core planets to protect the Emperor and the imperial rule. As a result, the Emperor realized that accomplishing the greater good only for his people is not enough. The greater good must be established for all beings in the BrikVerse and the crusade for the greater good has began.

Great Expansion Era

Recent History


Sections of Imperial Territory

The Imperial Territory is divided into three sections according to their loyalty and distance to the M-Tron the imperial capital planet. The closest systems are defined as inner core systems whcih includes the Tron Star System and the neighboring star systems. Most of the inner core systems joined the Empire in the Era of Peace. Outer core planets are defined as the systems that are far to the capital more than 10.000 ly or not qualified as a inner core planet. The third section consist all other planets that are in boundries of the Empire. This section also contains systems including the T-type, F-type and C-type systems. T-type systems are trade colonies, deep-space outposts. F-type colonies are colonies that are in forreign territory. C-type system are newly occupied system.

Imperial Senate and Imperial Government

Symbol of Imperial Senate

Imperial senate is the main representitive council of the Empire. It is found in the capital planet M-Tron. Senate members (Representatives from the systems) are sent by the local governments (see local governments for more info). One council member is selected as the prime minister by the Emperor. And the prime minister select the members of the imperial governmet from the members of the imperial senate. The decisions in the senate are taken by voting. The votes of the representitives of the inner core planets are 10 times more powerful than the votes of the outer core planets. And the votes of presentitives from outer core planets are 10 times more powerful than the votes of the representitives of the third section planets. F-type and C-type systems also send representitives o the senate but they have no right to vote in the senate.

The Emperor is above the senate and its decision surpass the decision of the senate if a confict occurs. This type of situation occurs very rarely , because noone wants to make a decision against the Emperor.

The black center circle in the Imperial senate symbol represents the Emperor, the thick red circle represents the imperial government and the black around it represents the imperial senate. White circle represents the inner core and light gray circle represents the outer core. Core planets and third section is seperated with a thin red circle. Darker gray circle represents the third section planets. The 3 red circles means that the systems (not literally but) immaterially orbits around the senate. The senate is the central force that keeps the Empire together.

Local Goventments

Each system in the Empire has its own local government. Each government sent a spesific number of representitives to the imperial senate. The local governments are established in different ways. All inner core system have democratic system where the repsentatives are selected by voting of eligable citizens. Outer core systems and third section planets have may have different types of local government according o their culture. Power and outhority of the local rulers are limited t otheir system or sector only. Local systems may have their own codes of law but these laws are limited with the imperial law.

The security of the Senate is maintained by Imperial Guard. Noone but the commissioned Imperial Guard members, the Emperor and his children has to right to carry a weapon inside the senate building. Each system has its own meeting and rest rooms of its own. Other than the main councel hall, there are also meeting halls for commissions, parties and conferances.

Third Eye Organization

T.E.O. is the central intelligence agency of the Empire. The organization report to the Emperor, minister of war and minister of internal security. Field agents are highly trained members from different species but the psychic agents with future sight ability are M-tronians. The center of the organization is on M-Tron. T.E.O's intelligence network is so large and intricate no internal or external enemy can act witout notice.

Emperors Children

Emperors Children Organiztion (E.C.O) is formed by the Emperor uniting his biological children and clones at the beginning of the great expansion era. Emperor married many times during his long life and have many children and created many clones with genetic manipulation. Since then many members are died and born or created. The members of this organization serve the Empire as lords, governors and army leaders. Some of them have psychic powers like the Emperor but none of them is considered to be equally powerful as the Emperor. Some of the members are peacekeepers and some of them are fearless warriors. The Emperor consideres his clones and biological children together as his children and only defines tham with their service for the greater good. In the E.C.O many regular clones are working for helping the members.

Imperial Armed Forces

An example photo of the Imperial Military Forces.

There are four different military organizations in the Empire, these are Imperial Army, Imperial Guard, Imperial Fleet and Iron Hammer Organizations. First three organizations combined are defined as the Army of the Emperor. Iron Hammer Organization is a subgroup of the Emperors Children Organization.

The Emperor is the supreme commander of the entire military force of the Empire. Imperial Army, Imperial Guard and Imperial Fleet have their own chain of command. Grand Generals and Admirals command their forces. If the matter is important, The Emperor made the final decisions.

Imperial Army

Imperial Army is the main militay force in the Empire. Imperial Army controls most of the planatery attack and defence forces and also a small space fleet. This fleet contains fighters, small and medium size transport vessels and is responsible of interstellar transportation of the military forces. Imperial Army also have his own technical departmants and workers to build and maintain military structures.

Imperial Guard

Symbol of Imperial Guard.
Imperial Guard is similar to the Imperial Army but located in the core planets. Their main function is to defend the Emperor, Emperors Childen and the Imperial Order itself. Imperial Guard members are trained mentally and physically in a special program and genetically enchanced to be perfect soldiers. Their loyalty to the Emperor and Imperial order is indisputable. Personal Guards of the Emperor Children and Emperor is chosen among the members of the Imperial Guard by the Emperor himself and they are taught to use psychic powers. Another special group of the Imperial Guard is the Elite Guards. These are the most promising soldiers in the army. They are tasked with special operations that need extreme acuracy and sometimes secrecy.
Symbol of Imperial Fleet.

Imperial Fleet

Imperial Fleet is the space fleet of the Empire. It controls intergalactic and interstellar space vehicles. Its main duties are military transportation, defending systems in Imperial Terretories, engaging enemy forces in space and defending interdimensional portals and warp gates in space. carriers, battlecruisers, destroyers, spacestations are examples under Imperial Fleets control. Imperial Fleet is commanded by the Grand Admiral Eisenadler who is the son of the Emperor.

Iron Hammer Organization

Symbol of Iron Hammer.

Iron Hammer Organization is a subdivision of E.C.O. The members of Iron Hammer are the warriors of the Emperor. They serve as commanders and special ops. in other military organizations. Another duty of the iron hammer is to execute the sentences of high ranking officers. They can read minds with their psychic force and test someones loyalty to the Emperor and to the greater good. Iron hammer, the symbol and the name of the organization represents that the Iron Hammer is the weapon of the Emperor and if the matter is about loyalty and justice the decision of the Emperor is final. Imperial forces that are commanded by a Iron Hammer member may carry the banner of Iron Hammer.


The mineral called "Magnet" is one of the most precious mineral in the brikverse. Its unusual magnetic properties are studied by the M-tronian scientist and used to create magnetic technologies by the engineers. There are diffent applications where magnet mineral can be used according to the form of the mineral. Magnet in crystal form emits high mangenic energy and when it is contained it could be used for anti/gravity generators, energy shielding, warp-engines, and interdimensional- and warp-gates etc. Magnet in amorphous form is used as structure material in all kinds of vehicles and buildings.

Other than magnet related technologies, conventional technologies are also used commonly in M-tronian systems. Nucleer fusion, nuclear combustion, geothermal energy and solar energy are also used as power sources. Some land vehicles still use conventional combustion engines.

Titanium and Aluminum alloys, Metallic Glasses (Zirconium and İron based ones) are commonly used metallic materials. Intermetallic and metal-polymer composites are also commonly used. Heat resistant ceramics are used for bunkers, spaceship hulls and industrial applications.

Anti-Gravity and Gravity Generators.
Speeders using anti gravity generators.

Magnets in crystal form are used in gravity and antigravity generators. Magnetic field is converted to graviton field to create gravity in capital ships and space platforms. Anti-gravity generators are also used to hover tanks and armored vehicles over rough terrains. Small and Medium size speeders also have similar kind of equipments in them.

Interstellar Travel

Space ships of the Empire have warp-engines to enable faster-than-light travel in space. The necessary energy is maintained by large Magnet crystals. Small transport ships, fighters etc. have the capability of limited interstellar travel. Capital ships have faster inerstellar travel capasities.

Intergalactic Travel

The intergalactic travel can be made by two methods. First method is the classical method of technology. Altough the warp-engines are capable of establishing faster-than-light speeds, some distances need more advanced technologies to be reached. Intergalactic-warp portals and intergalacti- gates are used for this purpose. Portals are temporal gateways and created by portal generators by special generator ships and Black Stars. Gates (Can be interstellar and intergalactic) are permanent gateways that are built across the imperial terretory to maintain a trade and communication network between imperial systems. According to the laws of psysics all matter in the universe is actually at the same point in the 9. dimension. It means that the traveler mass and distance of pass through a warp portal or gate are not significant for the necessary energy. Only the size of the portal is important, but there is a minimum amaount of energy (threshhold) to create a portal at first place.

The alternate method can only be used by the psychics. Psychic force is able to bend the dimensions of the psysical universe to enable the force user to travel vast distances in a blick of time. Only one psychic is powerful enough to make this kind of travel. The Emperor.

Portable Life Support System

Most of the members of the Imperial Armed Forces are using PLSS's short for Portable Life Support Systems. PLSS system consists a airtank a helmet. The system enables the user to breath in vacuum and toxic environments. The tanks include a filtering device that filters outside gasses and refills the airtank.
Cybernetic technology examples.

Cybernetics and Cybernetic Impants

With the help of advanced cybernetics the pysical capabilities of people can be enchanced. Many specialties like x-ray vision, infra red vision, extra strenght etc. can be acomplished with cybernetic implants. The necessary parts can be implanted and mechanical parts can be added to soldier easier if they install cybernetic chips in their head that connects the fuctions of the cybernetic parts directly to the organic brain of the user.

Energy Shield
Armor with energy shield generator.

Almost all of the Space ships and some of the land vehicles carry an energy shield for extra protection. This energy shield consist two layer. First layer is a electro-magnetic field that stops ion beams and projectiles with metalic composition and the second layer is a low energy partical layer. The particals can absorb energy from the high energy particals (eg. laser photons). Not commonly seen type of energy shield generator is the portable one. In the Empire, elite units like the Elite Guards carry a portable energy shield generator mounted on their Power Armor.

Black Stars

Black stars are huge spherical space stations that can carry thousands of spaceship and planatery forces. It has many strong gravitational beam generators and a very powerful portal generator. Entire fleet can get through these portals when created. Defended by huge energy shield generators, defence towers and missiles. The black stars are controlled by Imperial Guard. The location and quantity of black stars are top secret information. The initial idea of construction of huge spherical stations is originated from the interuniversal travels of the Emperor before he becomes the Emperor (Travel to SW-universe).


There is no government religion in the Empire and there are many types of religious and secular beliefs live together in the Empire. Citizens from third section planets usually have their own uniqie belief systems. People from core planets are generally secular but there are also small relogious groups.

Some people in the Empire belive that the psychic force of is a divine force and the Emperor as sort of a god because of his immense power. Altough the scientist not yet prove the principles of the psychic force, they belive the force must have a scientific explanation.

Demi-god Cultists and Totenkopf

Totenkopf banner.

Demi-god Cultists is one of the radical groups. The fallowers of this group present mainly in the core planets. They belive that the Emperor is a demi-god who can use the devine force to manupulate matter and energy and therefore he is immortal. They belive that the fallowers of the Emperor will go to the eternal heaven where they live in peace and prosper. The members of this cult join a special force, named Totenkopf. Members of Totenkopf wear skeleton masks to show that they are not afraid to die fighting for the Emperor and his orders. They do not care about the greater good but they do not hesitate to obey any order of the Emperor unquestioned. These soldiers can be found anywhere among the Imperial Army. The squads of Totenkopf usually carry a banner of their own in battle. Imperial Guard and Imperial Fleet members are not allowed to join the Cult so no Totenkopf members are present there.

Cult of Schwarzer Adler

The cult of Schwarzer Adler is originated in planet Neuwald. The inhabitants of this planet belive that their planet is carried into the orbit of their sun by a giant black eagle so the planet is heated and can support life. Although the inhabitants are mostly descendents of the original yellow minifig and they didnt evolve on this planet inhabitants worship this legendary creature. The inhabitant live in planet with dense jungles for thounds of years but their civilization is technologically primitive. Their culture have similarities with the with the Mayan civilization mentioned in sacred texts about Earth. When the Emperor arrives this planet first time with a star destroyer with a imperial fleet logo on it (An eagle on the M-Tron Symbol), people of the planet haven't seen a starship before and they belived that their god is back. When the Emperor comes out to meet them they started to worship the Emperor as their god calling them with the name of their god "Schwarzer Adler". Ironically the planet was really moved to its current orbital position by the burst of explosion of a spacestation happened during a space battle million years ago and the Emperor took part in that battle during his interuniversal travel back in time. The priest of the cult wear large eagle head shaped caps. The warrior from this planet serve as skillful soldiers in the army. They can be recognized by their red facial war paints.

Psychic Force

Psychic power examples.

Although it is thought that psychic force may and should have a scientific explanation. It has an important role in boh theology and science so it will be mentioned in this section. Psychic force is the source of super-natural abities of the psychics in the Empire. Most powerful psychic in the Empire is the Emperor. There are many known sources for the psychic powers. Magnetic energy of the Magnet crystals are the initial source of psychic force of the emperor. Before he becomes the Emperor, during his travels to other universes he learned other ways of force to enchance his power (e.g. force of the living (Travel to SW-universe), force of the Arrakis spice (Travel to FR.H-universe) etc.) Currently, trained psychics in the empire use mainly the magnetic energy. The Emperor and his psychic children can also increase their psychic force from beliefs of the people.

Every psychic needs to learn how to use his force to practise a specific psychic power. Almost all the knowlegde about the force-use originate from the Emperor. There are two pathways that a psychic can walk. The way of kindness and the way of destruction. After one way is chosen, the powers from the other way is more difficult to practice (There are neutral way powers like psychic sight or future sight). Only the Emperor is cabable of practising all powers that are known from both ways. The Emperor is the only psychic who is able to make interuniversal travel using his force. Some of the common psychic powers are: psychic peace, psychic conversation, psychic prevention, psychic sight, pyrokinesis, psychic levitation, super reflexes.

Notable Leaders


Gerhard Eisenadler

He is the current head of the council of generals in the imperial army with the rank of grand general. He is the biological son from Lady Alexandra who is a regular M-Tron citizen. Gerhard Eisenadler is a genius military tactician and a brave soldier. When he was young fought in frontlines of battle with regular clones. He gets the honour title of Eisenadler for his loyal service to the Empire. His weapon of choice is small guns.

Heinrich Frieder

He is the biological son from the Princess Bleunig of Wasserland (A system in the inner core). He is an immortal and powerful psychic and a master in the way of kindness. Although he is a peacekeeper. His powers like psychic prevention and psychic conversation enabled many battles to be won without any casulties. Entire enemy battalions surrender because of his psychic powers. He dont use any kind of weapon. His white stab is actually a symbol of peace and a instrument to reach the greater good. He earns the honour title of Frieder because of his diplomatic and peaceful success in his life.

Claudia Luftstadt

Beautiful doughter of the Emperor is the biological girl from the princess of Luftstadt (A city on the Enheldam, an inner core system). She is a mortal. Shes pyshycal and entellectual charm is known across to core planets. She is a succesful military strategist. She know how to trick the enemy and clean the path to victory by using intelligence agents and assassins. She is the current leader of the T.E.O.

Wigmund Weisswelt Thousand years ago Albert Weisswelt, The King of Weisswelt (A system in the outer core) decided to hand over his stellar kingdom to the Empire. Later on he became a good friend of the Emperor. Kings decendens The Emperor used DNA samples of the King Neuwald to create an altered clone of himself to. Sigmung is an immortal and a psychic. He is a general and a ambasador of the Emperor. His choice of weapons is a red colored lightsaber.

Dieter Stahlwald He is an biological son of the Emperor from the Lady Linden a M-Tronian. His genes were alered by the Emperor by adding his own DNA. He is a mortal but he ages very slowly. He is a brave soldier and inteligent military strategist. He has the rank of colonel in the Imperial Guard. He went to the Stahlwald military academy His choice of weapon includes a custom officer cutlass and blaster gun.

Bernhard Neuwald He is the biological son of the Emperor from a woman named Elexia from the planet Neuwald (An outer core system). He is a planatery Lord and the current ruler of Neuwald and has the rank of general in the Imperial Army. He is immortal. He has psychic powers in th way of destruction. He has a custom battle hammer which he can power up by focusing his psychic force in it.

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