Małgorzata Sadow

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Małgorzata Sadow

Prezydent Konfederacji

Zjednoczona Rzeczpospolita Polska

Małgorzata Sadow (Polish pronunciation: mawɡɔˈʐata ˈsadɔv) is the current Prezydent of the Konfederacja, who has been attributed to be responsible for the rapid groth and recovery of her Fatherland, after successfully spliting apart from the USSSR.

Early Life

Sadow originated from a noble family in Warszawa, which lost most of it's wealth and standing in the early days of Communist occupation. Hence, she was brought up under modest conditions, like most of the Polish population, at the time. Even in her youth, Sadow felt uncomfortable under Soviet rule and sought a way to undermine the puppet government, in order to destroy it from within and pave the way for independent rule. Thus, she had to abide to Socialist principles in the public and try not to atract too much attention on her initial goals.

Quickly, Małgorzata Sadow has become a member of the Communist Party and the Head Administarator of Planet Warszawa. She fulfilled her chores and strictly followed the orders of the Soviet Government, only waiting for the right moment to invoke one of the biggest uprisings, known in Polish history. In early BR 2,014, the whole population of Warszawa stood up against it's oppresors and managed to drive them back, far beyond Polish territories. It became clear, that she worked with the Polish Underground Movement, all the time, trying to set up a new democratic government within the former Polish Kingdom. However, royalists didn't agree with that and split apart from Sadow's government and formed the Krakow Union, while the other territories under her rule became known as the Konfederacja Wielkopolska.

Current Policies

Sadow's current policies include maintaining good relations with both greater and lesser powers of the Nehellenium Galaxy. Furthermore, she offers aid for several independence movements (eg. other Soviet satellite states), in order to weaken her enemies. Both fascists and communists are considered as her ideological enemies, which she also offers military support against by forming a military alliance as a defensive measure.

Although never officially stated or declared, Sadow is no avid fan of the Allied Nations, as she thinks, that the concept of an International Diplomatic Organization is rather redundant in an every-warring place, such as the Nehellenium Galaxy. Nevertheless, she fought alongside NATO to crush the Third Alliance, which is not considered a threat to the independence of Poland, anymore.

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