Majistik Order of Wizards

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Majistik Order of Wizards
Secret Organization
TekLevel 4
Interdimensional network of parallel wizards

Employed by Dragon Lords

None listed
Dragon Lords


Notable People
The Majistik 12

Professor Cypher

Majistick on Griffin

Majistik on Griffin

Thanks to chunks of alternate universes constantly flying around and interfering with the timeline, minifigs of all universes have long accepted the cyclikal nature of reality as scientific fact. However, the existence of simultaneous parallel dimensions was not definitively proven until BR 1,993, when an elderly Medivo wizard completed his lifelong research project.

This wizard, known to his Dragon Lord employers only as The Majistik, theorized that if parallel dimensions existed, some portion of them must include parallel versions of himself, and some portion of those would conduct the exact same research he was, trying to redirect Medivan ley lines across dimensional boundaries rather than simple geographic ones. After decades of attempts, he and eleven parallel Majistiks proved themselves correct. Their blindly aimed Magikal Feats succeeded to create the first network of interdimensional ley lines.

Creation of the Order

After drawing straws to assign themselves personal numbers, the Majistik 12 used their ley-line network to gain access to hundreds of parallel universes, recruiting hundreds of other less-successful parallel Majistiks in the process. Before long, the Majistik 12 controlled one of the most powerful organizations ever to exist, thanks to their powerful magik and unlimited access to countless universes and time periods. The original 12 Majistiks ruled as a council of Arch-Majists, each overseeing councils of 12 High Majisters, who in turn oversee their own groups and subgroups of 12 down to the lowliest Majists, Myjstiks, and Majistik Initiates.

Due to their minimal presence in any single dimension, the power of the Majistik 12 remained unchallenged and even largely unnoticed in their own universes, but as the ley-line network continued to grow, Majistik portals opened more and more often into the Negaverse and other dimensions of evil and chaos. By BR 1,995, the Majistiks' power and resources were completely consumed in repelling invading forces and cutting off their own corrupted portal networks. Already at the breaking point, they were unprepared for betrayal from one of their own employees - an adjunct chronology professor named Cypher, tasked with training initiates in the Myjstik Mountain of Medivo #6,494.

Betrayal and Rise of Dimmies

Turned down for a full professorship one time too many, Doctor Cypher used the Myjstik Mountain's Time Lab to secretly transport samples of NegaGenetik material deep into his own evolutionary past. Over millions of years, these genetik aberrations were diluted across the entire minifig population of his world. The mutations were too slight to be noticed under normal conditions, but when exposed to Nega-radiation from an unsecured portal, Cypher's victims rapidly devolved into imbecilic zombies. Cypher himself remained protected behind lead shielding, making him the smartest minifig in a world full of idiots. Promoting himself to Professor, Cypher and his newly created Dimmies tore apart the already-besieged Majistik organization from within, leaving the remaining Majistiks isolated and scattered.

With the rise of the Dimmies and the fall of Majistik 12, NegaVerse forces were able to take control and corrupt large sections of the ley-line network and make huge inroads into minifig reality, paving the way for an almost unimaginable rise to power that culminated in the Poop Invasion of BR 2,002. The huge influx of Nega forces and Poop Dragons overloaded the corrupted ley-line network, turning them into wildly unstable bley-lines and changing the color of the entire universe in an event that came to be known as the Grey Shift.

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