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Major Natalya

ASE Major


Formerly: ASE

Natalya is like a Major, mostly because Major sounds cool, but isn't completely in charge of absolutely everything because that would be boring. Her heroic cliché is that she thinks she is too cool for school, but not in a snotty Mean Girls kinda way, this is more like a Joan Jett type of cool, in her mind anyway. This megalomania leads directly to Natalya saying that something is a certain way and it becoming true just because she said so because reality occasionally bends to the will of the strong-willed.


Assyrian Military Career

Natalya is a Major in the space forces of the Assyrian Star Empire. She pilots the Sonks, an Assyrian Light Destroyer. She gained notoriety during the second Czech-Republican War for hunting down small Czech-Republican convoys, which were smuggling Assyrian technology such as terminator robots across the Czech-Assyrian border. Her efforts eventually resulted in the exposing of General Glorbenglock's dealings with the Space Ninjas and the Czech Republic, who was swiftly disposed of by a commando squad.

The MayTricks

Natalya knows how to use the Maytricks, although she is more comfortable with trolling other minifigs or telling everyone what to do like a Boss. She can dodge bullets, teleport through walls, and throw large objects across a room without touching them. The only power she does not have is the Jedi mind trick, but she's trying to get that one down too.

Relationships to Other Characters

It should be known that Natalya is not a fan of J+B.


  • Regulus
  • The Black Crotox
  • Major Smith
  • Trianglists


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