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"The VAMI AI. From Left to Right, the Respentaz Major Romano (Military),Briggs (Economy), Roselyn Frank(Science, named after Roselyne Franklin, a unfortunately unheard biologist.), and Nicolas (Diplomacy). They provide advice directly to the emperor, and even act on his behalf, as they so decree."


>Date: Dieciseite de Augosto (17th of August, for you non-Spanish speaking people), BR 2,013

>From: Colonel Norton, Respentaz

>To: Unidentified Bavarian Diplomat

Simply put, the VAMI AI are very complicated. Their existence is very widely known and respected, even in Trattorian and Immortal Society, yet almost everything else about them is known by only them themselves, or dead and/or silenced people.

To begin, the VAMI are very much like Androids. But they're not. The VAMI have 100% normal bodies (With the exception of Romano, who is a genetically altered and modified Respentaz super soldier), and their minds are also the ones they were born with. This makes them susceptible to assaults on their sanity, as with Nicolas, who despises any encounter with most foreign ambassadors.

Although, there is a catch; While their minds and bodies are natural, their Conscious isn't. Their habits, thought processes, and even the way they form opinions are artificial. Thus, it gives the Emperor the ability to control them, "reset" their minds, if you will. This makes them perfectly suited for their positions. But this could, and has, also backfire. If even a slight mistake is made, they will go mad.

However, around the third or fourth time this occurred: Death. However, creating a new conscious was expensive, and that money was needed to help fight off the Assyrians in the Atlantian War. Emerian psychologists figured out that the mind is contained within the sphere of one's conscious. Thus, if the conscious were artificial, it could kept somewhere, in something. That something is a Super Computer known as Central Dogma, with is hooked up to a cloning and cryo storage pods.

This, in effect, eliminates the chance of permanent, unless their conscious was erased from the computer, following permanent termination. Following such a scenario, the computer could then (with operator) create a new "profile" for a new VAMI.

Unfortuneately (and perhaps wisely), everything about the past VAMI AI(s) is secret known only to the Emperor, except for the fact they existed in the first stance. Another frightening thought: Some VAMI were foreigners, but normally kidnapped immigrants.

But, I wonder why they don't just artificially create the VAMI, like the Trattorians, or our Respentaz. I'll have to dig further.

This was the only communication between Colonel Norton and this diplomat. A week after this communication was discovered by the Emerian government, the Diplomat vanished, and then reappeared in a peat bog in a classified location, but missing his legs.

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