Mandalore the Maverick

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Mandalore the Maverick
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Kingdom of Denmark


Many years ago a large group of Mandalorians was fleeing from the civil war. The leader of the group was Mandalore the Great (or Mandalore the Self-Proclaimed, called so by his "Subjects"). After a long journey they reached the planet Mark. On the planet, the Mandalorians were attacked by The Great Beast of The Easterlands. Mandalore ordered his subjects to flee, but it was too late, a Beast started killing everyone in sight. The beast got hold of a young woman called Synthia. The rest of the Mandos fled (Including the Mandalore), except one man. The lone warrior stood up against five Beasts. He draw forth a long blade, made from pure Beskar, shining in the light of the sun. The warrior cut down the beasts and saved the woman. The Mandalorians returned and elected (Much to the anger of the old Mandalore) the warrior to Mandalore. They gave him the title Maverick. From that day forth he ruled the Mandalorian clan Kal. Not long after the accident he married Synthia. His first action that made the world remember his name, was to ally the Danish Kingdom (who ruled the planet Mark). Not much is known about him, but many people believe that he was born on Mandalore and that his first name is Cassus.

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