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Mazes, Labyrinths, ObstacleCourses, and the like serve a very unique function in many BrikVersian societies. As in the Human world, these sorts of structures do exist to fluster and bewilder those caught within its confines. However, the end purpose is different for denizens of the BrikVerse. For Humans, confusion is goal enough. For BrikVersians, confusion is the means to a greater end. A stymied minifig is a very, very dangerous beast. Minifigs, in general, don't enjoy thinking too terribly much. They certainly don't enjoy a lack of killing while they're sat about doing all this thinking. This sort of situation can break a minifig's mind, turning them into an engine of mindless rage. Which usually works well enough for the owners of the Maze, though Offices are usually the more efficient and expedient method of obtaining these beasts. However, just sometimes, great leaders are forged through this trial, leaders reforged with a tactikal mindset and a deep, cold rage, and therein lies the true purpose of the BrikVersian Labyrinth.

Possible Uses:

  • To forge shock troopers.
  • To forge great leaders.
  • As tests of worthiness.
  • To protect Artifax of great power from lesser minifigs.

Tactical Considerations:

  • A battle in a Labyrinth can be a frustrating affair, stick close to your enemy lest he elude you like the coward he is.
  • As distasteful as it sounds, make good decisions and use consistent logik to quickly see your way through. Unless your goal is to become a mindless engine of war. Which, let's face it, is a pretty damn good goal.
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