Meikon, the Blue Federation

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Early in the Galactik War, three of the wussier StarShip Civilizations were paying the price for their pansyitude. They kept attempting to use diplomacy and promote the interests of culture and peace, and as a result they were repeatedly taken advantage of and stabbed in the back by the other Civilizations. Rather than learn from their inexcusable mistakes, they all withdrew to distant corners of the galaxy to nurse their wounds and reflect on the unfairness of it all. By a long koincidence, they all happened to retreat to the same area. After some quick negotiation, they decided that since they were all in the same situation, and since their coats of arms all happened to be the same shade of blue, they should team up and form a Federation. They named the Federation after the heroic martyr Meikon, who died trying to promote diplomacy and rule of law among the warring Civilizations.

Since that day, the Meikon Civilization gained steadily in power and influence. Besides the resources of their three founding StarShips, they are frequently joined by colonies abandoned by or revolting against one of the other more oppressive Civilizations. The Meikons have repaired their original StarShips, and even built a fourth, in addition to numerous colonies and CityShips. In their area of the galaxy, the Setvians are the only Civilization that can compare with them in terms of power, resources, and territory. The Meikons' military expansion is frustrated by their desire to always behave fairly and in a culturally sophisticated manner. The Meikon House of Congress rarely authorizes hostile military action, and in any case the Meikon forces are usually bogged down in police actions, trying to maintain law and order throughout their section of the galaxy. In battle they rely heavily on well-established bases and medium- to large-sized vehicles. Their strategic emphasis is on maintaining defensible positions and drawing their enemies into the range of their weapon emplacements.

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