Meikon, the Blue Federation

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Early in the Galactik War, three of the wussier StarShip Civilizations were paying the price for their pansyitude. They kept attempting to use diplomacy and promote the interests of culture and peace, and as a result they were repeatedly taken advantage of and stabbed in the back by the other Civilizations. Rather than learn from their inexcusable mistakes, they all withdrew to distant corners of the galaxy to nurse their wounds and reflect on the unfairness of it all. By a long koincidence, they all happened to retreat to the same area. After some quick negotiation, they decided that since they were all in the same situation, and since their coats of arms all happened to be the same shade of blue, they should team up and form a Federation. They named the Federation after the heroic martyr Meikon, who died trying to promote diplomacy and rule of law among the warring Civilizations.

Since that day, the Meikon Civilization gained steadily in power and influence. Besides the resources of their three founding StarShips, they are frequently joined by colonies abandoned by or revolting against one of the other more oppressive Civilizations. The Meikons have repaired their original StarShips, and even built a fourth, in addition to numerous colonies and CityShips. In their area of the galaxy, the Setvians are the only Civilization that can compare with them in terms of power, resources, and territory. The Meikons' military expansion is frustrated by their desire to always behave fairly and in a culturally sophisticated manner. The Meikon House of Congress rarely authorizes hostile military action, and in any case the Meikon forces are usually bogged down in police actions, trying to maintain law and order throughout their section of the galaxy. In battle they rely heavily on well-established bases and medium- to large-sized vehicles. Their strategic emphasis is on maintaining defensible positions and drawing their enemies into the range of their weapon emplacements.

Meikon Combat

Because the Meikon colonies and CityShips are major centers of interstellar commerce, it is very easy to smuggle spies, saboteurs, and paramilitary death squads into them. Most of the battles the Meikons get into involve defending a military installation in the middle of dense city terrain. Naturally, lots of Normal People and Normal Buildings get thrashed in the crossfire.

Usually, the Meikon forces will be taken by surprise when they are attacked, and won't be at full defensive strength. They do have the option of calling in reinforcements. If the Meikon player wants to spend some of his points on reinforcements, they arrive six turns after an alarm is triggered, and they only cost half their normal point cost. If he wants a second wave that arrives twelve turns after the first alarm, they cost one third their normal point cost. Reinforcements can enter from any edge of the battlefield.

When Meikons attack other civilizations, they try to bring in one Mobile Command Center, an Enormous-class vehicle to serve as a command post. Squads of SpaceMen establish a defensive perimeter while the Engineers and Supply Trucks with prefabricated parts are deployed to create defensive walls, bunkers, weapon turrets, watch towers, and a Mass Driver. (Prefabricated Base walls cost one-half as much as the base they are designed to build. Siege Weapons to mount on the new base cost normal price.) Once the base is complete, the Meikons use the Mass Driver to launch paratrooper Commandos behind enemy lines while the SpaceMan squads make a full frontal attack. Hopefully, the Commandos can capture enough enemy equipment to render the defending enemy troops ineffective.

Meikon Technology

Although the Meikon Civilization has no special unique technologies, it has taken regular teknologies to new and fantastic heights. Dozens of their SpaceShips have grown to the size of large cities, and their weapons of war are bigger and better as well.

The Meikon "Enormous" class vehicles are sent in as mobile command centers when a base is unavailable. They usually have the capability to transport troops and small vehicles as well as wield the burliest Meikon Siege Weapons. SickBays and Mechanix' Workshops can be added for 15 points and -5" Move, but only give bonuses when the vehicle is not moving. Like bases, they must have at least one computer bank (the first one is free).

Meikon Troopers

Meikon generals prefer sending in a few SpaceHeroes and heavily-armed tanks to sending in a whole slew of normal SpaceMen and battle buggies. They sometimes choose to ignore troop ratios for special missions. They always try to capture enemy facilities and vehicles rather than destroy them. With that in mind, a special division of SpaceMen was developed: the Blue Berets.

The Commando or Blue Beret Stats:

Move: 7"

Armor: 1d4+3

Skill: 1d8+2

Ratio: 5

Cost: 10 CP

The final training exercise of the Meikon Blue Berets involves being released in the hard vacuum of space with nothing but SpaceArmor, a Magnetic Parachute, and a special golden bowie knife. They are then expected to reach the nearest planet and survive for two months in its Green Thing-infested jungles, while making their way to an active volcano. They aren't told that the volcano is patrolled by homicidal SpaceDroids. They must get to the top of the volcano and wait up to a week for the automated rescue ship to arrive. Fatality rates are high, but the SpaceTroopers who manage to repair the rescue ship after it crashes into the lake of molten lava and escape the planet are the most resourceful and battle-hardened veterans of any Civilization.

Commandos are specially trained in base assault, stealth, first aid and field repair. They carry the Meikon Survival Knife, which is a small shiny gold knife that contains 5" of rope and a noiseproofed grappling hook, a first aid kit, a mini-Mechanik-toolset, an electronic scrambler, a silencer, three days of emergency rations, and a collapsible tent.

The Commando's specialty is infiltration. If he has any cover whatsoever, he is invisible to his enemies. Ideally, a squad of Commandos can kill everyone in a base without any of them ever realizing they are under attack. They gain access to the base by climbing over the walls with their ropes, or using their electronic scrambler to open the door. Every turn that a Commando uses his scrambler on a door, roll 1d6. A 5 or above opens the door, while a 1 activates the base alarm. Additional Commandos add 1 to this roll, but a die roll of 1 still activates the alarm.

When attempting to do field vehicle repair, treat them like Mechanix except that instead of rolling 1d6 for every tool and adding 5, roll 1d6-1 for every Commando helping and add 4. When using first aid, treat Commandos like Medix, except that instead of getting 5 or higher on a 1d10, they have to get 4 or higher on a 1d6. Additional Commandos add 1 to this roll. A Commando can attempt to give himself first aid on the first turn after he goes down, but he rolls 1d6-1.

Commandos are normal SpaceMen with blue berets and little gold knives. They are often given Magnetic Parachutes and dropped into battle by Flyers or launched by Mass Drivers. They prefer to carry a Gyro Rifle, which they put a silencer on and use as a sniper weapon.

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