Military of Nyphilis United

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Military of Nyphilis United
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TL 7
70 systems
None listed
Kingdom of Avalon
Immortal Empire

Immortal Alliance


Tyronian Empire

North Siberian Space Theocracy

Hy Brasilian Time Empire

Republic of Mauros


Republic of Independent Nations

Paladins against the Peaches

Silvarian Empire

Amorian Alliance

Notable People
President Austin

General Yadlin

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I wanted to start this log by damning all Immortals. Their wretched unkillable bodies, their teeming numbers and inexorable technology, their Emperor and mothers and galaxy and whatever else was responsible for introducing the plague of their race on this galaxy.

But I can't. It's not just the Immortals anymore. It's not even the Immortal Alliance fucking around in Nehellenium. It's everyone. Everyone.

If you've ever stubbed your toe or lost your job or found out your wife cheated on you and accused the universe of turning against you, you've never actually experienced the universe turning against you. I have. Every Nyphilian has, for the past few weeks. I've sheltered in this building since our patrol got ambushed by some Tyronians. The building’s lost its roof to a bomb and there’s a big hole across multiple stories, probably a MAOX Nimrod round. It’s not a very good hiding place, but it's the best I got.

I heard the reason the Immortals haven’t cracked this planet yet is because they’re using it as a staging base for the inner systems. Did I mention that? That they crack planets as they go along and subjugate them? I don't understand why they deploy ground forces first and sweep planetside resistance if they just withdraw in the end and drop a planet-buster. Maybe it’s for the sheer thrill of the fight, to satisfy their bloodlust.

Call me cold-hearted, but I didn't feel bad when I heard my wife probably died. The moment enemy forces made landfall in the outer rim she ran off with some rich businessman to the homeworld. Clever girl, she had no faith in the Nyphilian defense initiative, and she turned out to be right. I wanted that bitch to die, and to be frank, I didn’t care if all of Nyphilis had to burn with her. I don’t know why I kept fighting. Maybe it’s because I had nowhere to desert to. Other soldiers at least to get to die with the happy memories of their family against their chest. Fuck them.

I heard rumors that we launched an intergalactic ship to escape. I can’t really confirm anything since I lost contact with High Command, and to be frank, I don’t care. Those fatass politicians that probably got to get away can go eat shit and die. Incompetent pieces of shit, I’d murder President Austin with my own hands if the Immortals hadn’t gotten to him first. They’ll never survive out there anyway without constant resupplying missions from Nehellenium.

I hear some Immortals stomping around on the ground floor, probably a typical squad of five. I have six shots left in my power cartridge.

I’m fucking tired of this shit.

End quote.png
Recovered from journal of Lieutenant Wolf Ryan, dated February 4, BR 2,011

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One could argue that the Battle of the Altai Sector was an inevitable consequence of rising international tensions and a growing restlessness in the Immortal Alliance. To address the criticisms fielded by the Allied Nations Minifig Rights Council, the Nyphilians did aggress the North Siberian Space Theocracy in attempting to bomb their capital planet, violating the sacred principle of national sovereignty which the Allied Nations claims to uphold.

Although the FELC attempted to intervene in a nonconfrontational but admonitory manner, warping the attack shuttle back to Nyphilis, the Nyphilian State Department took this in a poor light. President Austin had previously established himself as a buffoon in diplomatic environments, assuming contentious and nonconciliatory responses to foreign communiqués. Thus, the nations of the Nehellenium Galaxy were left with no alternative. If words and reason could not convey our desideratum, then only violence would.

The Battle of the Altai Sector remains notable as the first recorded instance of genocide in the BrikVerse in modern times. Utter destruction of a nation and the desolation of its capital are frowned upon in modern times as violations of national sovereignty. Nonetheless, consensus among the international community remained strong during this conflict. The Immortals involved themselves, deploying their impressive array of men and materiel. Their entry escalated the conflict into full-blown extermination, resulting in the practical extinction of the Nyphilian race and the physical destruction of most traces of their existence. Only their stars and uninhabited planets remain.

As we examine the motivations and actions presented in the Battle of the Altai Sector, we can attempt to analyze the role that genocide and mass murder play in the world of the modern minifig. Moving on to the second case study regarding the Ancients led by Asterios, one can see...

End quote.png
Akerman, Dean (FELC analyst). “On the Role of Mass-Murder in the Society of the Modern Minifig.” Bloxford Journal on International Law 56.2 (BR 2,012): 43-44. Web.

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The Nyphilians possessed an intriguing method of distinction from foreigners. Too primitive to realize the effectiveness of genetic scans, or perhaps aware of the latter’s possible exploitation, they instead implemented an exceptional system of deliberate induction of STD infection. The STD in question, Nyphilis, is whenceforth they derive their national identity and even the name of their people. It remained harmless to the natives but induced terrible symptoms in foreigners exposed to the condition. How the virus made this distinction remains and will remain unknown due to the extinction of the Nyphilian race. This also discouraged reproductive activity with foreigners and thus kept their gene pool clean, augmented by prenatal genetic engineering.

The Nyphilians possessed advanced technology in some respects, engineering intergalactic travel and advanced stealth systems. Nonetheless, these advancements failed to protect their empire from foreign incursion. It is regrettable that one never could have observed the true effectiveness of their planetary stealth systems, given that their President Austin cracked under torture in Immortal custody and compromised the security of the cloaking systems.

End quote.png
Varada, Liliana (Trattorian scientist). “A Brief Treatise on Nyphilian Morphology and Technological Capabilities.” BrikFaden Institute Journal for the Life Sciences 42.1 (BR 2,013): 124-25. Web.

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