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Mini BrikWars is a microscaled version of the game which uses a modular battlefield for the ease of use while running battles in LDD or to ease part usage IRL.



Build armies using the Unit Inches rules found in the 2010 rulebook.

As a soft guideline, attempt to build units to the following scale:

DISSECT Mechanized and Mobile Infantry Minis.png

(shown here: DISSECT forces)

Be primarily concerned with differentiating Heroes and Specialists from common soldiers. Vehicles, like the mecha/hardsuits shown here, are for advanced play.


Refer to the following image:

Mini BrikWars Complete Tables.png

The top row of 6 squares represent Modular Rooms:

Mini BrikWars Modular Room Example.png

(shown here: Cross Pattern Module)

The middle row represents Wall Components:

Mini BrikWars Wall Components Examples.png

(shown here: Door, Armory, Security Camera, Computer Console, Lockers, Window/Airlock)

The bottom row represents Floor Components:

Mini BrikWars Floor Components Examples.png

(shown here: Crates, Explosives, Generators/Fuels, Treasure, Barriers/Traps, Benny)

A game may either start with a Predefined Map or it may start Undefined.

A Predefined Map has all the modules already hooked up together in a battlefield map that will not change throughout the battle. Use this option if you want to keep things ordered, like if the battle were taking place aboard a starship, for example.

An Undefined Map begins play with only a number of modules placed equal to the number of players. Two sides to the conflict, two modules. Make sure these modules are on a grid so that they will eventually connect. If they aren't, don't worry about it, just move them around later to make sure they can.

Either way, players can feel free to change up the Wall and Floor Component slots if they feel something is more appropriate to the battle.


In the Basic Mission, one player is the invader and one is the defender. Each choose an empty module and sets up their units there. If there isn't room, players may agree to expand starting module space.

The invader goes first. Roll a d6 to pick a Room Module at random and place it anywhere adjacent to your module. Roll a d6 for a Wall Component and a d6 for a Floor Component. You may forgo these latter two options. You may also spend a Benny or use a Heroic Feat to gain more d6 to use for generating components in a room. (Components may not always appear as pictured).

Defenders, on their turn, will choose a Room Module and one (1) component (wall OR floor) instead of rolling for it. Bennies may not be chosen if they are an available option.

Proceed as per BrikWars.

Victory can be calculated simply by total annihilation or by damage to enemy + the number of Components looted/destroyed or protected.

Other types of Missions may have different objectives and conditions.


  • Game Zero, a short playtest of the basic mission and gamey aspects of Mini BrikWars.
  • An Iota, a threeway free for all between the Immortals, Scythians, and Polish.
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