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An Overview of the Listening Post, sans forces.


Top Down Overview, sans forces.


A Portal appears! Out of it step seven Terrorkhan warriors, bedecked in orange and black armor and wielding Blast Rifles with underslung grenade launchers. They are fairly alight with otherworldly power and the nearby sentry is too stunned to speak.

Terrorkhan Soldier: "Ach! What flea bitten, rat infested hole have we landed in this time, do ye imagine?"

Terrorkhan Hero: "Dinnae fash yersel, Angus. Better'n tha blasted jungle, anyways."

Angus: Grumbles "Aye, Murtaugh, tis at tha."

Murtuagh: "Alright, lads, secure the area."


Fortunately for the Scythians, they were already in the midst of drills when the portal appeared. The flash of light grabs the attention of their Hero, Captain Llewylyn Pryce, a young officer looking to redeem himself for an early career mistake.

Pryce: "Immortals! You two, with me! The rest of you, gear up and follow!"

Marines: "Yessir!"


The sentry by the portal finally finds his voice.

Sentry: "H-hey! Stop right there! You can't be here! This is a restricted area!"

Murtaugh (tilting head): "Oh, aye?"

The Sentry by the barracks sees the light from the portal and turns to investigate. Meanwhile the Sentry by the garage catches something out of the corner of his eye.


The Polish are caught trying to arrive in stealth. Must be all that heavy armor. Probably would have worked too with all the goings on but for that one pesky Sentry, who is quick with a radio.

Sentry: "East gate, I've got Polish incoming!"


Tactical Overview, with forces, ground level.


Tactical Overview, with forces, second level.

Mini BrikWars: An Iota
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