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Distinctions: Fortune 666
CEO: Dr. Huang
Country: Meritocratic Republic of Trattoria
Website: www.misaka.tr
TRX: MSK 39.92 -0.18 (-0.45%)

"The smartest company in the universe."

Misaka Analytics, despite its name, deals in both enterprise hardware and software related to data storage and analysis as well as distributed computing. It also offers consulting services to companies wishing to improve their information technology and its use in their operations.

One of Misaka Analytics' flagship products is the Misaka Database, an object-relational database management system built on Misaka's procedural extension of SQL, as well as the popular MySQL for BrikVerse internet applications. It also sells enterprise management and administration software packages, including enterprise search products. In addition to various data analysis suites, Misaka Analytics also devises and executes specialized data collection and analysis projects from its clients. To complement these offerings, Misaka Analytics distributes various developer tools including CurrentFlow, a graphical development environment for machine learning algorithms built for ease of use and performance on even commercial GPUs.

On the hardware side, Misaka Analytics produces SPARK-series multithreaded, multicore quantum-computing servers and mainframes that run on the company's Unix-based Solaris OS as well as disks for classical and quantum data. Misaka Analytics builds and operates datacenters wholesale when commissioned by large enterprise clients, but also maintains its own server warehouses that it makes available through the cloud-computing Misaka Network Services. The latter makes massively parallel distributed computing more accessible to businesses and institutions throughout the BrikVerse.

Although the company is notorious for its proprietary software and vigorous protection of intellectual property, co-founder and CEO Dr. Huang has tried to engage the developer community with more open projects and freer code, including an open-source Misaka Linux distro. Dr. Huang cited the company's own humble startup beginnings many decades ago and urged encouraging the development of other small businesses. Despite the usual conservative attitudes of Trattorian business and the company's age, Misaka Analytics has tried to style its offices, structure, and internal policies with a modern, liberal flair similar to Silicon Nebula's in the USA. Although headquartered on planet Trattoria, Misaka Analytics has a prominent office on planet Palo Alto and recruits talented programmers from across the BrikVerse regardless of nationality.

One of Misaka Analytics' most prominent projects is the SIRI network in Trattoria, a virtual assistant used by civilians and the Legal Department (the latter using it to search criminal records in real time to adjust their stun-gun settings). Appel Inc. collaborated to more fully integrate the service into their products while Misaka Analytics supplied the computing infrastructure and supporting software.

In G.R. 2012, several undercover mercenaries were found breaking into Googel's headquarters to access the company's collected data. A subsequent investigation found ties to Misaka Analytics, and it settled with Googel out of court for an unspecified sum.

Misaka Analytics was responsible for much of the distributed computing and integration work done on the automation update of the Trattorian military in early G.R. 2017, including on the Pascal aerospace drones, Laplace hovertank drones, and S1 robot infantry.

Key Financials (Amount) (% change)
Revenues: ₮37.13 trillion 2.0%
Profits: ₮10.62 trillion 0.0%
Total Assets: ₮107.6 trillion
Total Shareholder Equity: ₮45.47 trillion
Market Value: ₮182.8 trillion
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