Misanthropic Army of Super-Soldiers

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TL 6
100 star systems
Third Alliance
Notable People
Emperor Harlek

High General Volker

Ambassador Wrolf

Some MASS footsoldiers

The Misanthropic Army of Super Soldiers have been biologically perfected for both strength and reflex, and know no equal on the battlefield. High General Volker solicited membership in the Third Alliance on behalf of MASS.

I, glorious leader of M.A.S.S. wish to convey my desire to join this Aryan alliance. Every member of our glorious army is highly trained, well equipped, and sports some form of facial hair. Our weapons work of of the principles of nuclear physics-a science we have perfected over the years. Surely you agree that this is a most intimidating military unit? We anticipate your answer eagerly.
High General Volker, Communiqué to Third Alliance
MASS forces engaging the Third Alliance during Operation: Winter Has Arrived

They left, however, following the election of Alec to the Uberkaiser position of the Third Alliance. They maintained this position during the AN-TA War, providing ships and support to AN forces and participating in several battles against the TA. With AN assistance, MASS also developed the Thunderlance dreadnought. Emperor Harlek ran for the position of Secretary-General of the AN after the former SG, Coffee Naan, was assassinated by the Praetorians. His speech was interrupted by the First Battle of New York and subsequent fall of the AN.

The MASS Thunderlance-class dreadnought, developed in collaboration with the AN.

After Piltogg seized the Uberkaiserdom, MASS returned to the Third Alliance.

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