Mobfather Scratch

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Mobfather Scratch

Mobfather of the International Space Mafia

Secretary-General of the Allied Nations

Kaisermiestermeistermeister of the Third Alliance

King of the Gangstas

Superjeboalfons of the Intermarium Coalition

Grand Poobah of EPEEN




The early history of Scratch is unknown, where he came from, how he got his globe head, and if Scratch is his first or last name are not currently public knowledge. Recorded history of this enigmatic dude starts with him already a full fledged Mafia Underboss, despite clearly not being Sicilian. Seeing the stagnation and complacency of then Mobfather Silent, Scratch plotted with fellow Mafiosi discontent with the power structure and with The Police State of Venice a fledgling state looking to take over the region. Using a convoluted and multi-tiered plot, Scratch successfully assassinated the Mobfather's favored Bosses, before confronting Mobfather Silent in a traditional Sicilian cliffside shirtless duel. In this duel he was subsequently shot and killed. In the years following the Police State's takeover of Sicily and the Mafia's integration and takeover of the Venetian Underworld, Mobfather Scratch's role in the Venetian government became more pronounced. After negotiating deals in which the underworlds of all Third Alliance Nations would be taken over by the Space Mafia, his power was equivalent to that of the leader of a minor country. Following the takeover of the USA and EPEEN underworlds, and the Mafia [in Emeria] the Mobfather was clearly one of the most powerful single figures on the galaxy, with more men in his organization than the populations of many empires, and enough doshflow to singlehandedly move Venice into the top 5 largest economies in the galactic sphere.

What has been revealed of his motives state that his goals are thus:

1. Become richest man in the galaxy

2. Acquire a bunch of fancy and useless titles

3. Create a truly galactic Mafia to prepare the Galaxy for enemies far larger than the fractured brikverse itself

4. Create the infrastructure needed to fight a prolonged asymmetric warfare against an enemy the size of M-Throne or the Immortals

5. ???

6. Profit


Scratch is OG.


Current Events

After founding the International Rap Battle Organization, Scratch has been defending his title as King of the Ganstas and OG, he single highhandedly won the Rap Battle front in the ongoing war against OASIS. Currently Scratch is in a narrative paradox that occurred when he died in a flashback that he was narrating. He also got elected secretary general of the AN, a shiny new addition to his list of useless titles.


To be continued...

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