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Mobfather Scratch's bed of money.

Money is a laughable concept in a violent place like the BrikVerse. A true minifig steals what he wants, preferably in a violent manner. If two minifigs can stop fighting long enough to talk, they might barter cool or interesting items ("trade you that OTC for this chrome broadsword")

Nonetheless, some star nations have adopted currency for use among their citizens. A great majority of star nations have simply adopted the Construction Point (CP) standard, administrated loosely by the CP Union. Some stubborn or prideful BrikVerse countries maintain their own currency, however. Trattoria, for example, wishes to retain sovereignty over its monetary policy, while the USA ignores all potentially helpful international standards because 'MURICA FUCK YEAH.

BrikVerse Currencies

Currency Countries Symbol
Construction Point CP Union (many countries) CP
Dollar USA $
Pound sterling Britannian League £
Trattorian Dollar Trattoria
Reichsmark Bavaria, Space Nazis, Neo-Prussia, possibly other TA members ℛℳ
Ducat Venice, Emeria Ð
Space Yuan Celestial Kingdom ¥
Danske Kroner Kingdom of Denmark KR
Peso Inquistadores
Stex Zjednoczona Rzeczpospolita Polska, Republik of Magyar, non-communist Purple Sector ST
Credit Great Scythian Empire Æ
Imperial Lira M-Throne Empire IML
Valorian Franc Republic of Valoros
Talent Empryan Colonies ±
Sigra Assyrian Star Empire Σ
Tripel Czecho-Slovenian Republik Ξ
Galacian Ruble Galacian Republic Я
Imperial Note Imperial Magikstrate Φ
Lek Atherta Federation L

Exchange Rates

$1.00 USA dollars = 0.95 CP
$1.00 USA dollars = £0.80 Pounds sterling
$1.00 USA dollars = ₮0.97 Trattorian dollars
$1.00 USA dollars = ℛℳ4.20 Reichsmarks
$1.00 USA dollars = Ð0.24 Ducats
$1.00 USA dollars = ¥6.87 Space Yuan
$1.00 USA dollars = KR 7.04 Danske Kroner
$1.00 USA dollars = ₽58.54 Rubles
$1.00 USA dollars = ₱19.91 Pesos
$1.00 USA dollars = ST1.01 Stex
$1.00 USA dollars = Æ0.59 Credits
$1.00 USA dollars = 0.75 IML
$1.00 USA dollars = ₣900.00 Valorian Francs
$1.00 USA dollars = ±12.3 Talents
$1.00 USA dollars = Σ0.91 Sigras
$1.00 USA dollars = Ξ1.33 Tripels
$1.00 USA dollars = Я0.76 Galacian Rubles
$1.00 USA dollars = Φ10.00 Imperial Notes
$1.00 USA dollars = L1.00 Lek
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