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The Monolyth Battleplate is an alternate dimension that was born from the [[Galaxia Nehellenium]] during the [[Ragnablok]] event. In that galaxy's region known as the [[Gold Sector]] had experienced perpetual brutal war at a far higher scale than was normal for the already chaotic Galaxy. Meanwhile, mad scientists had been secretley tampering with the very fabric of reality, and unknowingly ripped a tear in the Multiverse that created a large crystaline entity that would later come to be known as the [[Monolith]].  
The '''Monolyth Battleplate''',  also referred to as the '''Great Battleplate''' and the '''Monolith Dimension''' is an alternate dimension that was born from the [[Galaxia Nehellenium]] during the [[Ragnablok]] event. In that galaxy's region known as the [[Gold Sector]] had experienced perpetual brutal war at a far higher scale than was normal for the already chaotic Galaxy. Meanwhile, mad scientists had been secretley tampering with the very fabric of reality, and unknowingly ripped a tear in the Multiverse that created a large crystaline entity that would later come to be known as the [[Monolith]].  

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The great Monolyth Battleplate
Infinite Plane of Existence
Legitimitium MultiVerse
Periods of Interest
Post-Ragnablok Era
All manner of ABS, Artifakts and Crystals
The Great Crystal
Perpetually Contested by minifig factions
Minifigs, Beastfigs, Demons, Mutants, Paranormal Entities
Key Locations
Alpha Continent

The Monolyth Battleplate, also referred to as the Great Battleplate and the Monolith Dimension is an alternate dimension that was born from the Galaxia Nehellenium during the Ragnablok event. In that galaxy's region known as the Gold Sector had experienced perpetual brutal war at a far higher scale than was normal for the already chaotic Galaxy. Meanwhile, mad scientists had been secretley tampering with the very fabric of reality, and unknowingly ripped a tear in the Multiverse that created a large crystaline entity that would later come to be known as the Monolith.


In the early days of Ragnablok, the entire Gold Sector, and several neighboring star systems vanished in an instant. Scientists and Politicians argued over the cause of this phenomenon. Few were aware of the Monolith, those that were learned the Crystal had absorbed all energy in the sector to remove itself from that reality and boost itself into a new one... Elsewhere, outsiders that were left behind in Nehellenium would argue that the Gold Sector had been either saved and taken to brikheaven, or punished and taken to brikhell. In a way, both were true.

The Monolyth Battleplate is a seemingly, and yet to be disproved infinite landmass that goes on forever in every direction. Quarreled over by endless factions of Minifigs, Beastfigs, Demons, Mutants, Supernatural entities and brainwashed agents of the Monolith itself. The forces of the battleplate constantly fight over territory, recruits, resources and artifakts in order to further fuel their love of combat. The most powerful artifakts allow the leaders of these factions to open portals to other realms, and magikally or teknologically inclined outsiders can also open portals to the Monolyth Battleplate and raid it for it's own resources.

Supernatural Phenomenon

It had been speculated, and later proven that almost all of the souls of the Gold Sector, had reincarnated as their former selves... This astounded researchers who visited the plane, it was later discovered to be caused by a peculiar and awe inspiring phenomenon of this alternate dimension, is that permanent death is non-existent for Monolithian Minifigs. When one dies, he or she will eventually be reincarnated in their old body. Some will re-emerge very quickly, others take days, weeks, even years to come back. Most lose their memory while others return with their memory and personality intact. It is said that the Psionically gifted are the ones most able to do this without flaws. Generally non psionics or those who weren't subjected to a special procedure, will take a long time to return.

It is also known that the Monolyth Plane is subject to a wide and wild range of natural and unnatural phenomenon. While the entire realm is a complete perversion of the "Natural" State, much of it's territory appears to be "normal" by planetary standards, however there are some regions that appear to be taken straight out of the worst circles of a brikhell. Regions with supernatural and paranormal events not unlike those witnessed in Outer Haven in the Galaxia Nehellenium, but on a much higher, and more intense scale. These regions are downright terrifying for Minifigs, and only the hardiest and bravest dare venture into them. Pretty much anything that can be imagined, can happen in these regions, they are notorious for being radioactive, psionically volatile, extreme temperatures, disastrous weather, and swarming with mutants and other horrors

Known Factions

Faction Leader Notes
Shulga A very large faction that makes use of hardened shock troops, large vehicle formations and elite special forces. The Imperiya is lead by a singular Authority figure known as the Imperator with several skilled generals and officers under his command. The Imperiya as a group acts as a force of Order, They lay claim over large swathes of territory and tax the residents in exchange for protection. If the locals cannot pay, they will usually agree to provide compensation in another form such as labor or levies for their Army, Those who do not pay the tribute are usually evicted from their land, but sometimes are made an example of and are flattened by an Imperiya Armiya assault.

The Imperiya cares little for the agendas of other factions, So long as they aren't disturbed, they usually leave others alone, and smart groups know to keep their distance from the behemoth faction.

They are the successors of Galacia, and are bitter enemies with the Pact

Jericho Their name, meaning "Vanguard". Vorhut is a clan of purist crusaders who view the battleplate as a plane of brikhell, and that minifigs are sent there as punishment, their purpose in the great Battleplate to rid the plane of Mutants, Bandits and Anarchists. They typically do not bother with neutral settlements unless they're known to he harboring enemy forces. And they will typically not bother with taxing or extorting settlements, the most they will attempt is to recruit from their townsfolk. They seek the utter destruction of the entire battleplate and for all to return to the reality they once came from. They are bitter enemies with Svoboda and Grief

They are the successors of Varyag, and are bitter enemies with Svoboda

Mikhiluka Their name, meaning "Freedom", Svoboda is a clan of anarchists, daredevils and shit-disturbers. They view the existence of the battleplate as a gift to minifig kind, and wish to see it's gifts shared with the rest of the Brikverse. They typically leave others alone, and aside from blasting annoying recruitment propaganda, they don't interfere with neutrals either. They roam the lands in small groups, constantly on the run from groups like Vorhut and the Coalition Navy.

They are the successors of the Triangular State, and are bitter enemies with Vorhut

Coalition Navy
Cyanide The Coalition Navy is an outfit of "Space Marines" who prowl across the realm in large fleet ships, who claim to be the "best there ever was", picking fights with pretty much everyone just for the sake of racking up a massive body count. They always look to fight unfairly, often attacking small bases with large fleets of ships or troops with heavy weapons. They're known to both declare themselves protectors of neutral settlements, as well as terrorize and destroy them, depending on the other factions in the area it's usually a tactic to try to coax others into a fight.

They are the successors of the USA minifigs that were in the Gold Sector at the time of Ragnablok, and are bitter enemies with Armata

Pracka Armata is a larger faction with a developed combat force that frequentley fights against the Imperiya and Grief, often over valuable resource territories used to build their bases. Armata tends to project itself as the protector of the ostracized, which is a more broad term to indicate peaches and other abnormals.

They are the successors of the Peacheneg Armata Coalition, and are bitter enemies with the Coalition Navy

Novus The Echelon is a smaller group that behaves similarly to the Imperiya, passively exerting it's power onto the neutral settlements in order to amass wealth of resources. They are particularly interested in hoarding anomalous artifakts and are one of the few groups to frequently venture into other dimensions.

They are the successors of Volhinya, and are bitter enemies with the Red Army

Charon Chernobog, Meaning "Black Gods" is a warband of pirates, raiders, and other battle hardened murderous thugs. They are known to prey on neutral settlements as a primary target, stealing resources, kidnapping women and burning towns and cities to the ground and causing other general grief, as well as launch brutal attacks on other faction's outposts and bases. They are known to frequentley fight amoungst themselves, and often have more moderate, less hardcore groups break off from their warband and form smaller opposing groups of scum.

They are the successors of the Syndikat Pirates, They are the only established faction that has managed to get on the shit list of all the other major groups.

Vaclav The Pact is one of the largest factions active on the battleplate, comprising of well equipped, experienced troops with an array of weapons and vehicles. And Founded by ex-members of other groups like the Imperiya and Coalition Navy, the Pact started as a "Self Defense" group that sought to protect the freedom of the neutral settlements from aggressive military groups. They evolved into a signifigant military power that was capable of going toe to toe with many of their rivals. They typically oppose any group that harrasses neutrals, especially those in or around their claimed territory.

They are the successors of the Systems Conglomerate, and are bitter enemies with the Imperiya

Red Army
Boris The Red Army is an ever expanding, assimilating war machine that conscripts neutrals into its ranks, commandeers their resources, and wages war against everyone who won't side with them, just for the love of battle. Red Line does not extort neutral settlements, but rather conscripts them into their army, or forces them to work for them with the promise of pay. Everyone in the Red Line, serves the Red Army. Their communistic ideals has made them bitter enemies with the Coalition Navy

They are the successors of the Chernarusyn Star Federation, and are bitter enemies with Echelon

Other Groups

Faction Leader Notes
Law Enforcers
City Leaders The Lazy, Dishonorable pacifists that fell to the vices of materialism and beauracracy, known as "Governments" are few and far between on the Battleplate, however large groupings of minifigs grew their villages into towns, and then into cities. And these cities had rules for all of their inhabitants. A perverse concept called "Law". Uniformed goons known as Lawmen, Law enforcers, or Police occupy the cities and act as a physical embodiement of the Government's Laws. Although they're just as much of a "threat" to the civilians as they are to potential attackers of cities

Special Resources

While the Battleplate is theoretically infinite, and would mean theoretical infinite resources. Minifig factions, settlements and cities still fight over resources because gathering said infinite resources requires a lot of time to explore and find them.

Aside from the standard ABS materials, the Battleplate is home to several special resources that are used for weapons, energy generation, special components and other necessary requirements for the buildings and vehicles they make for themselves

  • Tibinium: A bright green crystaline mineral that can be used for a wide range of applications.
  • Monolithium: Small Radioactive blue crystals that emit forcefield properties, crucial to development of shields
  • Shimmerium: A shiny, malleable and conductive metal that is very similar to Gold
  • Pikium: A jagged pink rock that exhibits transformational qualities, critical to the development of teleportation devices
  • Unobtanium: A glow in the dark material that when met with the right reagent, becomes invisible, used in stealth technology


The Monolyth Battleplate is heavily influenced by concepts explored in the Elder scrolls series. And the STALKER Series. It also draws some inspiration by the world of minecraft as far as the "infinite expansion" goes. As good a setting for lego shenanigans can be.

The general "rules" of the great battleplate are as follows

  • All factions, and all minifigs affected by the Monolith event are still considered to have "existed" in the Galaxia Nehellenium, but they were removed and rearranged in a new dimension. Thus do not exist in the same plane of reality as their old Galaxy anymore
  • Infinite landmass expanding in all directions. Including up into what passes for space. The ground is not continuous, it is broken up by oceans and void sectors. The latter of which are literal "edges of the world" that require Magik or Flying craft to expand beyond
  • Very high in the sky, what passes as small moons are the only other body in the plane. However "Skybases" are very common as well, these are what pass for space stations
  • The total population is unknown and unknowable. Thought to be at least 60 Billion but for all researchers know, it could be infinite
  • Anything goes here. Magik, cavemen, space ships etc
  • All beings born of this realm are immortal. If they die they reincarnate or resurrect later. Not where they fell but usually back in their homes. Unlucky ones come back naked lost and far from home.
  • States dont really exist here. There are still factions alliances and diplomacy but between powerful armed groups. Not nations
  • Factions will use non combatants as a resource. Whether it's for labor in making things or gathering resources. Or for using as recruits for their army. Some factions simply prey on them for no reason other than that they can
  • Factions will also charge, or extort rents and taxes on neutrals in exchange for living under their protection.
  • Despite only possessing rudimentary military governments. There is still a large amount of commerce. Neutrals will build things and trade valuables, build townships and even cities that resemble nation states. Armed factions love to prey on these for the aforementioned resources and manpower. Or simply to raid.
  • Teleportation within the battleplate exists and is quite common to travel long distances
  • The primary means of travel in and out of the battleplate is by magik. however technology can also be used
  • While uncommon and impractical. Monolithians are capable of establishing bases and even colonies outside of their realm. It's usually more beneficial to just raid it though. Monolithians killed outside of the battleplate are banished back to the realm.
  • There is no known way to permanently kill a monolithian. However it is possible to indefinitely banish individuals back to the Monolyth.. and it is also possible to shield regions or entire planets from their interference. Again this is usually accomplished with magik but technology can also do it.