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As evidenced by the overabundance of Space Empires in the BrikVerse, minifigs are always wandering off into space. There are a great many resources to gather and wars to be waged. And, after all, more space means more room to do it all in. Engagements can become ever larger and more epic and the value of resources (and the Creations those resources go toward making) becomes ever more extravagant. Natural byproducts, then, of this expansion include MoonBases, Asteroidal Mining Colonies, SpaceStations, and the like. They serve as the platforms for resource gathering (and, more importantly, for the struggle over those resources) as well as military launchpoints, garrisons, and for other combative purposes.

Possible Uses:

  • Obtain or Defend Resources.
  • House Armies.
  • Plot Villainously.

Tactical Considerations:

  • These environments allow for low gravity movement. Some of them allow for gravity to be adjusted on a whim. Take advantage of the movement situation but be aware than other gravity environments can be tricky.
  • These facilities often have really heavy duty machinery, both of the construction and destruction varieties. Use them to full effect to create as much mayhem as possible.


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