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There is a strange and undefinable force which permeates throughout the known universe, it's power is comparable even to the mighty farce, and it is known as.... Music. There are many forms that music can take, and it's effects in these varied forms can differ from minifig to minifig. The original creators of music are called musicians, but they are very rarely present on the battlefield. More likely, a minifig will have in his possession a boom-box or a car stereo. From this apparatus, the fig can choose to play any sort of music he wishes, this music can have a great effect over all the figs around him. Some examples of Music and it's uses in war are listed below.

Michael Jackson music: Cause all minifigs in the area to stop fighting and participate in the "thriller" dance.
Backstreet boys music: Cause Minifig heads within 6" to explode if exposed for more than one turn.
Techno Music: A rave is started, combat temporarily ceased entirely.
Metal: Violence levels will increase, minifigs will all get feats of manliness, and are likely to start up a mosh pit, headbang, and do air guitar solos. Also see The Metal Warriors and Hellius.
Friggin in the Riggin: A classic among sailors, marine or space alike.
His Bow Fires Katanas: A masterpiece by Zupponn, related to the story of Katana Bow Man.

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