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You find yourself on a large and empty base plate.


Some time passes...


After some more time, a Deadly Space Man calmly walks in.


“Greetings and welcome!”


“I brought you here because I want to offer you to join a new team.” “If you want to become a hero, this is where you want to be..”


“You will meet new people. While some will try to kill you, others could become powerful allies..”


“Fight for items and treasures as you level your character..”


“Explore, survive and thrive..” “If you have what it takes.”


“If you want to volunteer, please step forward and introduce yourself.”

I've been wanting to do this for a long time now and I'm really happy this is finally happening: The play test of my own BrikwaRPG rule set (special thanks to zupponn, colette, IVhorseman, silverdream (I think), aoffan23 and the Supreme Overlord). The rules have been proposed in the Bonus Material section and are still WIP. Don't hesitate to ask if anything is unclear.

Beta Rules Used

Character Sheet:



  • Characters can (technically) starts at any level.
  • The maximum level a character can reaches is 25.

There are two possible ways of leveling: QuickwaRPG and Campaign.


When the Adventurer kills an opponent with a Skill rating, make one final roll of the Adventurer's Skill against the opponent's Skill. If the Adventurer's roll is lower, then he "levels up".


You gain experience by killing things but also by performing other actions (such as reviving). The experience is calculated from the cp cost of the stuff involved (killing or reviving a 4 cp minifig grants 4 xp) or from the result of a dice roll, whatever seems more appropriate.

  • Killing a defenseless target (a rock, an unmanned vehicule, a crippled ship,...) does not grant XP.
  • Only the value of the destroyed component counts (engines, dakka, HP...).
  • If more than one unit contribute to the kill/destruction then the XP is distributed equally among the contributors.

Experience Bar: (campaign only)

The XP bar is on the left side of the character sheet. Each gold tile represent 1 XP. To level up, stack an amount of experience point equal to your current level on every stud of the experience bar.

  • Set the length of the XP bar to a number of studs that will fit your campaign needs.
  • You can reduce the number of xp tiles needed by using a second type that is worth a number of experience points equal to your character's current level. This will also makes the character sheet more manageable especially at higher level.


Any object that would reasonnably fit on a belt, inside a pocket or around your neck can be carried in the character belt (6 slots). In the above example, the character is carrying some food, a sword, a grenade and a gun.

Money Pouch:

The crate is used to carry your CP (money).

Special Ability:

Your character is allowed two special abilities. The flying goggles indicates that this character has the piloting skill (bought at the regular brikwars cost of 1cp).

Status Bar:

The right side of the character sheet is the status bar. Conditions (e.g. poisonned) are tracked here. In this case, the golden cup indicates that this character has reached level 10 and is allowed to perform heroic feat.


Every time you level up, you can increase one of your stats by one level except at level 10 where you get access to Heroic Feats instead. Each stat is color coded: Blue = Skill, White = Move, Green = Armor, Brown = HP, Red = +DMG. The sixth row is for supernatural power.


Level 0 - Skill = 1d4 (Incompetent)

Level 1 - Skill = 1d6 (Trained)

Level 2 - Skill = 1d8 (Expert)

Level 3 - Skill = 1d10 (Heroic

Level 4 - Skill = 1d12 (Supernatural)


Level 0 - Move = 5

Level 1 - Move = 6

Level 2 - Move = 7

Level 3 - Move = 8

Level 4 - Move = 9


Level 0 - Armor = 1d6

Level 1 - Armor = 1d8

Level 2 - Armor = 1d10

Level 3 - Armor = 1d12

Level 4 - Armor = 2d6

Hit Point:

Level 0 - 0 hp

Level 1 - 1 hp

Level 2 - 2 hp

Level 3 - 3 hp

Level 4 - 4 hp

  • When your character receives one point of damage, add one rounded 1x1 red transparent tile (blood) on a HP of your character sheet. If there's no more HP to be marked, your character dies. Spill blood around his body.


Level 0 - Normal damage

Level 1 - Damage +1

Level 2 - Damage +2

Level 3 - Damage +3

Level 4 - Damage +1d6

Supernatural Power:

Use faces to build the dices of your choice (up to a maximum of four dices).

(1d6 = 6 faces, 1d8 = 8 faces, and so on)

Level 0 - No supernatural power

Level 1 - 10 faces (ex: 1d6+1d4)

Level 2 - 20 faces (ex: 2d10)

Level 3 - 30 faces (ex: 3d8+1d6)

Level 4 - 40 faces (ex: 2d12+1d10+1d6)

Using these six attributes, you get that the average Minifig is level 1:

Skill: 1d6 (1 point)

Move: 5 (0 point)

Armor: 1d6 (0 point)

And the Hero is level 10:

Skill: 1d10 (3 points)

Move: 7 (2 points)

Armor: 2d6 (4 points)

Heroic feat (1 point - level 10)

The pictured character sheet is level 12.

As you go along, you loot treasures and are able to buy new gear that also affect your stats (wearing body protection or a helmet can increases your armor).

Characters begin at level 2 and are given 5 CPs that you can save for later or use right away to purchase gears and special abilities. Don't expect to get access to heroic feats on this map, though some players should be quite close to. The map was designed for a team of 6 players but anything from 4 to 8 would work.


  • mgb519 - Carlos Indiana Devine

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