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First seen publicly in G.R. 2,005, the Nefarious Nega-Bloktrix is the Spaceman 's antithetical enemy. She is a seductive rival that supports CLOan factories.

She rules the NegaVerse with an ABS fist, writing and enacting many laws. Notable laws include execution for any who joke about putting lipstick on a NegaBlokian Minifig and public service for any who try to advance science far enough to make briks stay together for more than five minutes.


She took control of the NegaVerse sometime before G.R. 1,991. The ancient runes deciphered from wandering asteroids speak of a great invasion of huge licensed robots and large POOP dragons. After taking the dimension by force and settling all other disputes, she took it upon herself to invade the purer dimensions and assert her world as the best of the worst.

She commandeered a legion of mystiks and was able to open a portal to the LEG-Ore dimension. She and her forces were manifested in the holy halls of the Dread pirate Two-by-Two. The Deadly SpaceMan led the righteous minifigs. When the war had settled, the Deadly Spaceman's forces proved victorious. The evil Nega-BlokTrix and her anatomically disproportionate minions were cast back into the NegaVerse.

The Nega-BlokTrix however, was not content to merely accept her fate, and in an arch-villain cliche, she swore that she would have revenge on the dread pirate Two-by Two, even if it was the last thing she did. And so, with a new life purpose, she created the Nega-Blokia, a defensible CLOan manufacturing wasteland filled with towering mountains shrouded in the smoke from miles of factories. The Capitol sits at the foot of two twin mountains, one worshiping the POOP dragons and one volcano accentuating the chaotic magma that all NegaBlokia minifigs come from. The magma is mined and quickly flash frozen into any shape. The downside of this teknology is that such briks are stuck in shape and often only have one purpose or use.

Current Events

Currently she uses the lava harvested from the volcanoes to mold an army of abominations, in hopes that she will one day rise up again and finally overthrow the Deadly Spaceman. These minifigs are built in an assembly-line fashion, earning her the reputation of being fast, regardless of quality. This has led her to be given the title of Official Mascot for QuikWars, BrikWars's faster, simpler alternative.

She created CLOan ABS as a way to corrupt and sabotage the creations of Legitimitium engineers and increase production speed. CLOan ABS is much cheaper to obtain and produce than Leg-Ore ABS, but results in such vastly inferior constructions and defect-plagued devices that it produces a sense of disgust in all who witness them. Legions of righteous paladins such as the Legiteye Knights and the Oktan Rangers strive constantly in their CLOan Wars with no end in sight, dedicating themselves to their holy crusade against evil forces fighting under the symbols of the CLOan Brands.

A piece of disturbing rumor is that the vile Nega-BlokTrix has obtained ownership of the souls of the brave HELO spaceknights, including the soul of their most heroic hero; Thespian-771. Also, rumors were going around that she had acquired the soul of the Dread pirate captain Jaque Swallow and his crew, though there are those who claim that she lost them in game of full-contact Go-fish to The Deadly SpaceMan.

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