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Nega-Blokia, (also spelled Nega-Blokkia) Is the capital of the Negaverse, an alternate dimension, somehow twisted by incomprehensibly evil powers.
It is home to the cheapest and easiest artistic licensing process anywhere.
As a result, the weaponsmiths of Nega-Blokia have brought the art of weaponcrafting to a whole new plateau; what some would consider cheap, stupid or low quality, the Nega-Blokian Weaponsmiths worship as "Avant-garde".
Weapons from Nega-Blokia are generally considered the most wicked, vicious and Awesome of all weapons, unfortunately all that class comes at a steep price, namely; being almost totally worthless as actual weapons.
Also of note, Nega-Blokia is well known for it's odd, twisted, upside-down Ideas about beauty and anatomical proportions.

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