Neo-Prussian Empire

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The Neo-Prussian Empire

The Neo-Prussian Empire is a relatively young, secluded Empire that was only discovered shortly after the beginning of the Immortal War. Their home planet is the rich, verdant planet of New Prussia and they have several bases on its outlying planets. The Empire is strongly defined by its military culture and its belief in the Farce.


Long ago, in ancient Prussia, a number of inhabitants were unhappy with the way politics were evolving in their country, so they left and founded what is now Neo-Prussia. Secluded from much of the Brikverse, they fought mainly Indigenous Tribes as their empire slowly grew, away from the eyes of other civilised people.

Prussian Armed Forces

Prussians have an overall tendency of fielding mecha. Their technology is generally highly advanced and they try to seek a proper balance between firepower, speed and armour, in that order of importance.

The infantry is divided into the Shocktroopers and the Wolves, who are commonly supported by Ripperbots. There are several special divisions as well, such as the Psychobots, the Himmelsjäger and the Ghost Division.

The First Marshal is officially the highest commander, followed by the Sky Marshal, who leads the fleet, and the Field Marshal, who leads the ground forces.

The navy includes Gheistschlag gunships, Mobhunter fighters, Eagle, Dominator, Condor and Disruptor frigates, Wilhelm-class Light Carriers and Mastercutor-class battlecruisers.

The ground forces include Blitz speeders, Schattenlaufer and Raven mecha, Schwebewulf hovertanks and Gekka Knightmare frames.


Der Kaiser is the all-powerful head of state, but it is believed the scientist Sir Bragallot has a lot of influence behind the scenes.

Recent History

Shortly after their discovery, the Neo-Prussian Empire was forced to into the Immortal War, and entered the [Prussian-Monarchial Conflict]. With their planet lost to the and their forces scattered, the faction of the Neo-Prussian Empire still commanded by Der Kaiser (and thus considered the 'official' faction) joined the Anti-Immortal Alliance and the Third Alliance.

Some time later, an alliance of Prussian and Assyrian forces started attacking the Inquistadores' homeplanet of Dios, and an unknown source threatened the Third Alliance they would all be assimilated into the Great Prussian Empire, but these messages and attacks were believed to have been instigated by unofficial dissidents.

Notable Leaders

Der Kaiser Sir Bragallot First Marshal Johanna Sky Marshal Myrna Field Marshal Johnny Blitzkrieg Major Victoria Captain Alexander The Captain Kommandant Von Blocke Arnold Schwarzenegger The Shadow of the Red Baron