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M-Class Planet
Tharcan Galaxy

Zohan Star System

Diameter: 30.000 km
Iron, Gold, Gem Stones
Controlled By
M-Throne Empire
Neuwalders: 52.000.000 (appr.)

Other M-Thronians: 3.850.000

Key Locations
Tonghai Decho Temple, Lacus Magnum Region, Xaidochorose Buildings


Early history of the planet

The planet is formed in the Zohan system approximately 2.300.000 years ago. Zohan is a medium size star emitting yellowish colored visible light, low level UV light and subatomic particles. When the planet formed, it was a remote and cold planet where no liquid water can be found and it had a very thin atmosphere.

12.800.000 years ago a large scale space battle is fought in the orbit of Zohan Star system and a large planet size space station exploded. Planets are affected from the explosion very badly. Some of them are destroyed and some of them altered their orbit. Neuwald is one of them. The explosion moved Neuwald to a closer orbit where the water could remain in liquid form.

First Colonists

About 5.000.000 years after the huge space battle colonists from an advanced civilization of humanoids landed to the planet and built facilities to form the planet. They build huge replicators to produce water and air. The colonists leave the facilities working and went away. No hard evidence is found until now why they leave the planet. One theory is that the colonist will return when the desired conditions are met on the planet.

In time life began on the planet and many types of life forms, mainly plants evolved. The animal life on see and land remained primitive.

Colonists from Nehellenium Galaxy

About 4000 years ago another group of colonist set foot to the planet. These colonist were coming from Galaxia Nehellenium who ran away from the great war between red and white space man races. Soon they started to fight each other for the planets resources and many killed during these fights. Afterwards they gathered a council and decided to abandon advanced technology because they believed if they keep the technology they would never find real peace. They filled their starship with everything high tech and sent it to the space. After that they build primitive villages to live. They only kept one holographic library device to keep their history. Probably after several hundred years, the device malfunctioned and stopped working. Fallowing this, the inhabitants could only cite historical information verbally to the descendants. Most of the verbally cited information was lost slowly and the people forgot their origins.

The inhabitants formed a society shaped in a cast system based on a religious system consisting priests, warriors and civilians. The priest of the cult wear large eagle head shaped caps made of gold.

The arrival of the Emperor

When the Emperor arrived this planet first time with a star ship with an imperial guard logo on it (An eagle Symbol), people of the planet haven't seen a star ship before and they believed that their god is back. When the Emperor comes out to meet them they started to worship the Emperor as their god calling them with the name of their god "Xaidocho" (or "Schwarzer Adler"). Ironically the planet was really moved to its current orbital position by the burst of explosion of a space station happened during a space battle million years ago and the Emperor took part in that battle during his interuniversal travel back in time.

Joining to the Empire

After the arrival of the Emperor to the planet, the majority of the Neuwalder and members of the priest cast declared him as their god but some of the members from the warriors cast were against joining to the Empire. The warrior cast started a short term war against the Emperor s forces and their own King Mondo who became a friend of the Emperor but they were defeated. King Mondo decided to join the Empire willingly after the Emperor married his daughter. The Emperor promised that the Kings grandchildren will rule the planet as long as Neuwald is under Empires control.

Cult of Schwarzer Adler

The text about the creation of life on Neuwald probably written about 3000 years ago.

The Neuwalder believe that their planet is carried into the orbit of their sun by a giant black eagle so the planet is heated and can support life. They worship the eagle as a god and call him Xaidocho meaning black eagle (or Schwarzer Adler). Xaidocho can resize himself into the size of a humanoid minifig. He has children and siblings who are also gods. Mythical stories told that Xaidocho visits the planet from time to time to mate with women. After they gave birth, he took them with him. These children were known to be demigods.