New Peach City

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New Peach City
Refugee City


Somewhere in the Omegalon Galaxy
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(Technically New New New New New New New New New Peach City or New Peach City 9)

Population: Dead

Invaded by the Praetorian Army in BR 2,011, New Peach City was completely destroyed. All that remains are the burned out hulls of buildings and these pictures. The destruction of New Peach City fell on the heels of The Peach Massacre of BR 2010, dealing a huge blow to the Peaches of the BrikVerse.

New Peach City was built some time after the Gray Shift as a refuge for the Peach Mutations and their sympathizers. The Peaches needed a city of their own where they would be safe from the Yellows so they established a colony on a remote but inhabitable world in the Omegalon Galaxy. They figured that if they stayed out of Galaxia Nehellenium then they would be safe from that galaxy's notorious peach haters. Unfortunately for them, the Praetorians eventually found the colony and burned it to the ground. No peach was spared, the unlucky bastards that survived the initial orbital bombardment were hunted down by praetorian ground forces, some resistance was met in the cities center but was quickly stopped. While looking through the remains of the cities computer network praetorian troops found some evidence for another possible peach settlement in the Omegalon Galaxy.

The following was taken from the official report surrounding the incident

"11.5.07 PST: Sleeper Agents made a communication to the Bureau Of Internal Security, In it were the co-ordinates to a M-Class planet and information of a peach settlement. Later that day information about the defensive situation of the settlement and an indicator of peach sympathizers was communicated. After this no other transmissions were received, the operatives are marked as KUC.

11.5.07-08 PST: Fleet dispatched, upon arrival the settlement was bombarded with the H.O.E.S (High Orbit kinetic Energy Strike) weapons system. Survivors were few but had been dug into natural cover, Mobile Infantry was dispatched to clear them out into the open where armour detachments could finish them."

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