New Prussia

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New Prussia is the motherplanet of the Neo-Prussian Empire.

Basic info


Location: desolate outer territories of the Brikverse

Type: Jungle

Size: vast

Resources: rich, abundance of valuable minerals, crystals and Blue OT

Controlled by: Neo-Prussian Empire

Inhabitants: Humans, Indigenous Tribes


For eons, New Prussia remained undisocvered, and was only inhabited by its indigenous tribes, who fought amongst each other. New Prussia was discovered and named so by the Neo-Prussian Empire when the Empire was still in its infant stages. Hard battles were fought between the settlers, who sought to control all the main resources and scarce farmland, and the indigenous tribes, who wanted nothing of these hostile invaders, and though never more than one quarter of the planet was under Prussian control its main areas were gradually becoming industrialized, giving the Empire virtual control over the area while most of the indigenous tribes continued their lives in the jungles, far away from their enemy's eyes.

Shortly after the Empire was established, a civil war raged between the Prussian Empire and its Dutch allies. The Dutch were either driven off or defeated, giving the Prussians full control over the planet.


New Prussia is comprised mainly of a massive jungle that is largely uncharted and uninhabitable to its Neo-Prussian denizens. There are several large rivers around which most of the population is concentrated. Mountain ranges, home to rich minerals, are scattered throughout New Prussia. There are also a number of inland seas, but none are large enough to dominate a large portion of the planet's surface.

Neo-Prussia is defended by military bases operating from the moons surrounding it. One such base is Fort Waldstein.

Places of interest

The planet is home to many planetary fortresses, fortified cities, strategically placed military bases, fortified farming, mining and fishing operations and military factories.

Because of the vastness of the jungle, a journey on foot from one settlement to another is likely a death sentence. The underground railway provides the most reliable and safe way to get around the planet without getting stuck in the jungle.

Somewhere on the planet, Sir Bragallot's laboratory is also hidden.

Recent history

During the Prussian-Monarchial Conflict, New Prussia was contaminated with the Peach Virus, killing much of its populace and driving the rest off. The virus spread to the jungle, infecting many of the native creatures and turning them into terrible monstrosities. During Operation Mastercutor, most of the outer bases were also sacrificed, and those that weren't were overrun by the Peach Virus at a later stage.