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New Scandinavia
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Notable People
Grand Jarl Khaar Green

Marta Green

Kal "The Kalvinator" Jacobson


New Scandinavian forces.


New Scandinavia

New Scandinavia is the newest dominant empire in a long string of them on the planet of Komand. Although they still have yet to control their planet, they have a high tech level, already having hover tech, and it is rumored they even have FTL travel capabilities. They have heard of the galactic conflicts, such as the Immortal War, and hope to take to space very soon.

History of Komand

Get Ready, this is a long one...

-100 Million-- Komand Forms

-90 Million-- Komand Cools

-80 Million-- Water Forms

-40 Million-- Life Appears

1st Era -20 Million-- Terraforming from Outside species occurs. Any kind of major reptilians killed off, mammals are more prominent.

2nd Era -18 Million-- 1st Ice Age

3rd Era -15 Million-- Life Returns to Normal

4th Era -8 Million-- Terraformers return, inadvertently introduce minifig DNA to planet, and start a new Ice Age. 2nd Ice Age

5th Era -6 Million-- Terraformers return for last known time, stop the Ice age.

6th Era -1 Million-- Protofigs Appear

-500,000-- Protofig Disappears

7th Era -15,000-- Protofig returns, Greatest Magic trick ever never explained.

-10,000-- Minifig appears, protofig dies out.

8th/“Modern” Era

-10,000-- Minifig Appears

-8,000-- Hunting Gathering ends, agriculture begins and permanent settlements start

-7,500-- First Empires/Kingdoms start

-6,000-- Civilization has spread to all corners of main continent, Namoria

-5,000-- Namor Empire starts, eventually spread to entire Namoria

-2,000-- Insectoids first spotted on northern parts of Namoria.

-1,900-- Insectoids attack Namor Empire

-1,800-- Namor falls, Insectoid Empire starts

-1,500-- Insectoid Empire falls due to rebellions and poor gov’t structure.

-1,450-- Namoria once again divided. Large islands nearby are discovered nearby, colonization starts. Insectoids are forced into a northern one. Gunpowder is discovered, but not put to good use.

-1,200-- Insectoids once again rise up, little to no resistance is held due to un- unified continent. A thousand or so are finally able to get past the southern archipelago, and discovered a new continent. Scandinavia, and start their new territory as such.

-1,000-- Scandinavia starts advancing into new continent, eventually going past mts. and spreading from there. Insectoids continue to prosper, using slaves to make farms to feed the nation.

-500-- Scandinavia continues to prosper as Insectoids reach a “Golden Age.” But any attempts to attack Scandinavia are stopped in the archipelago, either by storms or Scand. great navy. Scandinavia develop great siege weaponry.

-250-- Scandinavia begins it’s “Golden Age” as it advances across entire continent. Elite Mandoa soldiers are being trained. Insectoids begin discovering ways through the archipelago, but army also begins to disband as food production starts declining.

-25-- After numerous naval raids by Insectoids, Grand Jarl of Scandinavia, Karl Nuine, orders forces from all over the country to begin assembling into a unified force to take down Insectoids once and for all. Minifigs in Insectoid territories begin forming a unified rebellion.

-20-- Rebel campaign is successful and gains a small amount of territory on southern coast of Namoria. Scandinavian troops, one of largest armies ever seen, begin landing in allied territory and begin THE GREAT WAR. Insectoid armies “re-awaken” in large numbers.

-5-- The Scandinavians are able to push the Insectoids to their capital where the allied forces can now attack by water. Insectoids push with all their might, and hold strong, thus beginning “THE SIEGE OF COLONY CONTROL” the last and bloodiest battle of the war.

0-- Colony Control is finally taken, the war is won. The Insectoids flee in their ships to, at the time, an unknown land. Central City is founded on the ruins of Colony Control. Central City is declared “center” of Komand.

1-- Former rebel’s, fearful of more oppressors, is able to stage a coup and eliminate all major leaders of Scandinavia and from there take out the remaining Scand. forces in a conflict known as THE ONE YEAR WAR.

2-- Scandinavia is defeated, Namoria and Scandinavia are broken into smaller nations.

3-- “Dark Ages” begin as nothing but peace and boredom reign. Politics begin to overrule war.

50-- A larger, southeastern country weaponizes gunpowder, 1400 years after discovery.

400-- “Dark Ages” end as world beings to wage war again. Science begins to advance again. Records once again begin to be kept.

1600-- Exploration pretty much done, all continents discovered, colonization slowly becomes more popular as resources become harder to reach.

1700-- Colonization boom hits as steampunk becomes a thing. With it brings blimps, steam cars, etc. Most advancements made in colonies, which is what spurs the massive migration.

1800-- Colonies start rebelling. Explores find island where Insectoids had fled to and countries begin sending fleets to quarantine the island.

1850-- Almost every colony is free, most everywhere in world is now owned by a country.

1900-- Gasoline is discovered and almost immediately put to good use. New war machines are made as the world tenses up, knowing a large war is bound to happen. Planes are also invented.

1920-- World War I begins, factions are formed nearly instantly, and all the fancy new war machines are put to the test. Mass casualties. At time the war was called “THE NEW GREAT WAR”

1925-- WW1 ends, casualties giant. World map redrawn. NEW NAMOR is founded. Because the war drawing fleets to battle, Insectiod’s island is left unguarded, and they begin to spread again.

1930-- New government, ONE WORLD REPUBLIC is formed, bent on world domination, threatening both the Insectoids and New Namor. New Namor becomes popular, expanding, preaching of bringing the world back to it’s former glory.

1940-- World War II begins, unsteady alliance of New Namor and Insectoids against the OWR. Countries around the world are forced to pick sides, or be destroyed in the crossfire.

1950-- Eventually OWR is beaten, even larger casualties, about 5 million. After which, a long, cold war starts between Insectoids and New Namor, as both armies are almost completely worn down at this point. War ends with invention of nuke and bombing the shit of the last area of the ONE WORLD REPUBLIC.

1999-- First NN sleeper ships head to random planets around local space.

2000-- Insectoids have spread like wildfire while New Namor claims most of Namoria and Scandinavia. War seems to be almost unavoidable now.

2001-- First nuclear weapon of war is launched, leading to complete nuclear war. All major cities destroyed. Post-Apoc age starts.

2100-- Researchers backed by private supplies search for way to clean up radiation.

2150-- Populations basically develop into 3 castes, “Post-Apoc” survivors, “Post-Apoc” Raiders, and “The Protected.” The Protected are super-rich who hid before bombs. Children now have lots of resources and private armies.

2167-- Radiation cleanup is discovered in northern archipelago won’t be spread for another 10 years.

2200-- All radiation from nukes is essentially gone. Talks of re-forming of government. P-A Survivors want to, P-A Raiders don’t. War is soon talked about happening. The Protected don’t get involved and start government anyways. Starts spreading to Konfoder and other sub-continents.

2205-- What is technically classified as World War III starts as the Survivors form into an army to take down the Raiders. Battles rage across the globe. The Protected discovers Blue Transparent, most powerful energy source on the planet. But, The Protected’s civilization is soon wiped out.

2211-- World War III ends due to both sides losing basically all supplies. Peace talks are successful and new governments form across the world. Hovertech and the Force is discovered.

2250-- Governments around the world are failing. But, out of the ashes of New Namor’s legacy, rises the proud, strong, military nation of NEW SCANDINAVIA.

2300-- New Scandinavia has essentially takes entire of Namoria and Scandinavia through either peaceful or warnings and military action. Begins devoting tons of funds towards science advancements. Start restoring continental railways with superfast- magnet trains.

2350-- Advanced AI is invented and robotic assistants, military droids, etc.

2355-- AI goes rogue, (what a twist), vast armies of robots, without a leader though, begin attacking. NS forces are able to subdue them. They robotic scurge looted what they could and made off to a desert island in the north-east

2370-- World still wants some sort of non-citizen military force, so better methods of cloning start to be developed. At this point, there are about 25 countries scattered around world. At this time, the main continents are united under New Scandinavia, but outside them, the there is constant fighting throughout the world.

2375-- Robotic escapees call themselves a new country, The Droid Hive-Mind. Lead by their own, “built”(theorized to actually be a extra-terrestrial AI) leader called the Dalek. Desert island is walled off, by them, with anti-ship/air defenses.

2390-- Quicker and better clone establishments are made. Navy of NS begins cranking out new clone army using saved DNA of one of first Mandoa commandos of NS. One defect is that they are a peach color but isn’t overly worrisome.

2400-- Oldest foe of all civilization is re-discovered, they made their refuge in the mountains of the northernmost continent (Nomrade). NS decide against attacking due to knowledge of Insectoid ruthlessness, and that clone army is still developing. Armor based on famous sci-fi is used for clones.

2415-- Clone’s take military hangars, offices, and other buildings in violent mutiny. Kill the, at the time, Grand Jarl (Reid Baskens), steal cloning equipment , and experimental “Immortal” vaccine. rebellion led by current Clone general Tyson Kip. Death toll from rebellion at about 3500, 3450 civilians, 50 Mandoa commandos (sent in under command of Grand Jarl) and, of course the Grand Jarl. Clones felt they were mistreated and un-represented in government. Took majority of military transport, vowing to return to “free the people of an oppressive militaristic government that is New Scandinavia. Leave to Konfoder and begin taking control of random countries there. Declare themselves THE CLONE CONFEDERACY and take control of grasslands on the eastern part of Konfoder. New Grand Jarl, Darse Ecclest, is elected.

2420-- By now, government has declared war on the Clone Confederacy, but needs to rebuild military. Troughs of civilians sign up for the New Scandinavian armed forces to get revenge on the “damn clones” Meanwhile, the Clone Confederacy gains popularity in the war torn Konfoder and begins to spread.

2430- New Military is ready to roll out, and so begins the FIRST CONFEDERATE WAR. First attack by NS was a complete failure, deaths in the 10s of thousands by the end of the year. 2435-- New Scandinavia must give up war, 500,000 soldiers dead, and support for war shrunk. They were able to still take hold of the sub-continent islands nearest to Konfoder. Bases begin to be constructed on them.

2440-- New Jarl is elected (Eric Polvin) as the old one dies. He starts his reign by giving new military orders to slowly, but surely, rebuild the military.

2450-- Droid Hive Mind takes a part of Kofoder. Fortifications appear immediately.

2460- Clone Confederacy attacks sub-continental islands, thrusting New Scandinavia into the 2ND CONFEDERATE WAR before they have fully rebuilt forces.

2463-- War continues, NS losing somewhat at this point. But, more importantly, undeniable proof of extraterrestrial life and conflicts crashes in NS territory. Covered up as a military experiment.

2467-- Second Confederate War comes to a close. New Scandinavia is somewhat successful at rebeling The Clone Confederacy, but loses most strategic sub-continental island. Clones call for peace due to unknown reasons, speculation points to loss of resources, or internal rebellion/conflict.

2470-- Fueled by moral boost of winning 2nd CW. New Scandinavia begin spreading, attempting to create a sort of “buffer” zone around Namoria and Scandinavia.

2471-- Call to increase all forms of mining, iron, gold, and Blue Transparent are made by Grand Jarl.

2475-- Military production increases as well due to mining increase. Cites begin building even bigger and higher. The new definition of “small” town now has at least 1 skyscraper.

2480-- A long string of conflicts between the last remaining smaller countries and The Clone Confederacy. These countries are backed by New Scandinavia, but, in the end, it isn’t enough to keep them from invasion.

2490-- Every country except for NEW SCANDINAVIA, CLONE CONFEDERACY, AND THE DROID HIVE-MIND and the last of the INSECTOIDS (in mountains of of Nomrade.) Tensions between NS and The CC continue to rise.

2492-- In cities around the world, secret meetings connected through the internet, begin. These people, mostly non-conformists and anti-war scum, start formulating a mass rebellion.

2494-- The mass rebellion starts, calling themselves the Rebel Regime, they terroize cities in both NS and The CC...until the citizens realize that they’re just a bunch of pussy goths and “anarchy” fags. They drive them away and in a joint effort between NS and The CC, drive the thousands of rebels onto an unused island in the North-Western Sea.

2495-- Tensions between NS and The CC boil over when CC scientists discover what makes their skin peach, and develop a virus for it. They infect parts of NS, not realizing that it also will kill thousands, and so the 3RD CONFEDERATE WAR starts. First battles over sub-continental islands.

2498-- New Scandinavia loses the upper hand when a full scale invasion of The Clone Confederacy fails.

2500-- NS has lost both subcontinental islands. The CC begins attacking the western peninsula of Scandinavia.

2501-- Clone Confederacy takes whole peninsula, and begins the long struggle of loss/gain for both sides.

2503-- Due to Grand Jarls Polvin’s age and going senile, he get crazy notions of world peace, and calls for 10 years of peace. The CC, eager to keep their foothold on Scandinavia, accept the terms of armistice. Time set to end the conflict is May 15th at 9:00 PM. For the last hourS, young General Khaar Green leads a small band of regulars to and Mandoa commandoes in an attempt to capture a crucial power station. Although this fails, General Khaar’s bravery earns the admiration of the entire nation.

2513-- Just before the end of his “10 Years of Peace,” Grand Jarl Polvin dies, and General Khaar is elected to Grand Jarl by a landslide. Plans to immediately strike on the 10th anniversary of his last battle are made. In a press conference, he refers to the next war as OPERATION: UNITED.

New Scandinavian Military

New Scandinavia, unlike most military's, is only divided into 2 branches. The Infantry Force, and the Armored Forces.

The Infantry Force is comprised of a few groups.

Marines- The standard unit, comprised of both Marines and Demolitions Troops.

RANGERs- Elite unites of the the Infantry Force. Special tests must be taken to qualify to be a RANGER.

The Armored Forces are a combination of the "common" Air Force, Armored divisions, and the Navy.

Along with the standard military, there are the MANDOA Commando force. These are force sensitive commandos trained in arm to arm combat. Along with Rangers, special tests are required to become a Mandoa. Mandoa's must also remain anonymous until a certain rank is achieved.

Organization of Government

The type of government that New Scandinavia is known to them as a Representative Monarchy. Basically, their leader is called a Grand Jarl. When a Grand Jarl dies, a large election is held, where a Grand Jarl is elected for life. That Grand Jarl holds technical all power, but since they don't usually want to take the time to make every decision, there is a congress to make decisions, but, if the Grand Jarl sees fit, can over turn any decision made.

Recent History

Please see the Time Line of Komand

Current Notable Figures

Grand Jarl Khaar Green

Marta Green

Kal "The Kalvinator" Jacobson


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