North Siberian Space Theocracy

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TL 5
Small Empire
None listed
Tyronian Empire


Hy Brasilian Time Empire

Military of Nyphilis United

Notable People
None listed
The NSST in action during Operation Feelgood

An important fact of the NSST religous doctrine states that they must use the same or similar tech to the people that they are attacking, it is part of their belief that equality leads to happiness and is why an interplanetary empire has calvary.

The NSST calvary are led by Artourious the Almighty. The NSST has Holy Paladins to convert native populations. There are two groups of paladins: the Chaos (black) and Trueseers (white).

The NSST high priest slipped from life on January 29, BR 2,011 after being admitted to the Siberian medical outpost on Vasil III in critical condition. Desperate not to lose their first stable leader the NSST attempted to resurrect him. This attempt failed however, so each sect of the NSST put forward a possible candidate and went to war over who will be their new leader. Artourious the Almighty represented the Trueseers while Christov II, son of the former High Priest, represented Chaos.

The NSST also has hi-tek forces including spaceships, space marines, and hardsuits.

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