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Involving the containment and concentration of star matter in a melee weapon makes the Nova Sword is a very powerful weapon. The SuperJews are the original inventors of this weapon and therefore at the cutting edge (haha) of all Nova Sword Industry.

Further Development

The Zenith of this tech is a mindbogglingly rare Flaming OT Nova Sword called The Pulsar. The Immortals had been secretly helping with Nova Sword R+D and with the aid of their Blackhole Technologies and early experimentation in the new (to the Immortals) Brikverse Tech Orange Transparent ABS they combined the OT-ABS with a Star before collapsing it to a flaming core and containing it in a weapon. The Pulsar. There are only two Pulsars existence, one rests in the hands of the MasterJew and the other was gifted to the Immortal Emperor when the SuperJews agreed to an alliance.

The Time Travelling Super Jews are aware that various other races have begun to copy this tech but research has shown that these copies are inferior and prone to core instability and being brittle in extreme combat. Entire worlds have subsequently been lost as the result of an unstable Nova Sword breaking and other Empires have found themselves bankrupt after expending all available resources in the making of this extremely expensive weapon.

Game Statistics

Nova Sword: Range: 1" Use: 3, #Shots: 1 + defence, Damage: 3D6, Special: May absorb any and all ranged or melee attack made against this mini-fig on a 4+

The Pulsar: Range: 2" melee 6" ranged Use: 3, #Shots: 2 + Defence, Damage: Melee 3D10 or ranged attack. 3D6 plasma damage 1st turn and 2D6 flame damage 2nd turn, Special: May absorb any and all ranged or melee attack made against this mini-fig on a 4+.

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