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Large and Small Business Offices

Often called training centers or concentration camps, Offices exist to hone a minifigure's frustration and rage to a razor's edge. They are considered fundamental in urban areas not only because they maintain all the paperwork that keeps track of death tolls (something CityFolk are oddly fond of) but also because of their boring, oppressive environments. Minifigs aren't patient creatures by nature and being forced to sit around, not killing things, is an agony to them. You can always tell someone is about to be promoted when flipped tables or dead bodies go crashing out of fifth story plate glass windows.

Possible Uses:

  • The large number of workers could be used as allies, neutral parties, or cleverly sprung traps.
  • Source of OfficeSupplies, handy when you need to MacGyver something mid-battle.

Tactical Considerations:

  • Office buildings are a tactical joy: multiple floors, height and line of sight advantages, loaded with basic materials, etcetera.
  • Offices are a powderkeg ready to blow. Consider using the disgruntled employees against your opponent, perhaps by baiting and tailing them.
  • Keep the windows in mind. Enhanced LOS out also allows for LOS in.
  • Think Die Hard.


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