Oknorian Alliance

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Oknorian Alliance
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System Alliance
Crystalline System
None listed
None listed
Grimfrost Empire
Notable People
Evz Oknor

The Oknorian Alliance, named after Evz Oknor, is a large group of rebels opposing the Grimfrost Empire on the planet of Crystalline. They are a ragtag bunch, stealing technology from the Empire whenever they get the chance. For the timeline of the Alliance, check the Crystalline page.

At the start, it was just the Miners, who were constantly harassed by the Empire. Much later, a group of rebels appeared in several Grimfrost cities across the planets, attacking key locations. Long after Evz heard of this, he met with an agent of the rebels and they joined forces, and even fought their way into GIC to rescue a group of rebels.

In BR 2,011, the homecity of the Miners was attacked, and the rebels and Miners did their best to defend their home but were driven out. Their leader, Evz, was captured. The Miners and rebels made their way to the Raider HQ, and joined forces with the Chieftain. Now they formed the Oknorian Alliance. Their first mission was an attack on the Imperial shipyards, a successful battle, but while they damaged much, many of their own were killed, and they were driven back to the crystal forests.

Later they were able to steal Imperial ships, bring them back to their base, and built a few more. Within months, they were capable of space flight. Much later, they made the jungle world of Ezi their home world, building a base within the mountains of the planet.

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