Oktan Rangers

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Oktan Rangers
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TL 6
Small Empire
None listed
Notable People

The Oktan Rangers appear to be a righteous group of warriors fighting the evil CLOans. This is only partially true. The Oktan Rangers are the soldiers of the Oktan Corporation, a nefarious oil company which roam the universe in gigantic spaceships. They descend on unsuspecting planets to steal their oil, which they use to power their spaceships so they can go to even more planets and steal even more oil.

The Oktan Oil Expeditionary Korps (spelled with a K because I feel hardcore) is a branch of the Oktan rangers. They are usually deployed in newly found moons or planets to scout for any Oil or other fossil fuels in the area, but are also deployed as security to protect Oktan facilites from raiders and pirates. They are designed to be light shock troops, built for speed rather than heavy weapons and that lot. Their weapons also favor close combat, and for the most part, are weak from afar. They usually make due with what they get, and scavenge cool stuff from dead people.

The Oktan Ranger Arkbrik.
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