Orbis Kathan

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Orbis Kathan is a world near the southern arm of the Galaxia Nehellenium. It is a harsh world. The fact that the sun is a only a few thousand years from going supernova has turned the world into a harsh desert planet with dense, deadly jungles at the poles.


Kathan is inhabited by two factions- The Universal Union and the Royal Katharian Air and Space Navy. These two units co-exist on the same world, but mostly stay away from each other. The abundance of coal from the massive die off of the extremely dangerous natural wildlife has powered immense biodomes for the Kathanians. The Union uses the immense amounts of UV radiation coming from the sun to power the cities of New Kingston and Anthology, and the spaceport of Murphytown. Because of the intense heat and UV radiation, it is dangerous for people to leave the biodome without the proper equipment, even for short amounts of time.

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