Order Against Trianglism

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History: The Order, as it is commonly referred to, was born from the derailed ashes of the then 107-page King of The Hill thread, and was born exactly at 6:27 PM, GMT, August 18th, in the G.R. 2,009. It was founded by Leprechaun, Massam, and Warhead after finding a lack of anything else to fight over. As of 2:03 AM, GMT, August 21st, they had derailed four topics and the Order's ranks had swelled to 8, possibly 10, rivaling that of the trianglists. Their warcry/motto [which can (and SHOULD) be found in the sig of any of the members] is as follows: "Triangalism! What's the fuckin' point!" This noble order also is not shy about front stabbing triangleists such as the Assyrians.

The list of Members, as of 2:00 AM, GMT, August 21st Massam (Founder) Warhead (Founder) Leprechaun (Founder) Ltobvious Greenkey James+Burgundy Tahthing Elmagnifico The List of Possible Members, as of 2:00 AM, GMT, August 21st Benkim123 Rody Nutsoftheloom

Their Enemies, as of 1:42 AM, GMT, August 21st MuffinMan MagicSoap (or midgit-soup to use) Natalya

Criticism: Critics of The Order namely make the observation that it's just a bunch of newbs, pointing out the inclusion of J+B in its' ranks. But they have retorted saying, "At least we"re not a bunch of Jaw-Jaws and Dimmies."

Not to be confused with the Order , a more ancient force dedicated to smashing Nega-Blox and anything remotely resembling it.

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