Order of Automatic Binding

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The Order of Automatic Binding
Knightly Order
Tek Level 3
Arkeaisian Faction
None listed
Of Convenience

Arkeaisian Factions

Notable People
Aldric Bricksworn

Brannigan Bricksworn

The Order of Automatic Binding (or The Order or OAB) is a stalwart knightly order dedicated to the protection of Arkeais and her purity. They are one of the oldest and most well established of Arkeaisian Factions and dominate much of the actual warfare with infringing Nega hordes. It is they who stand the long vigil at the stationary NegaPortals and it is they who take the long patrols seeking out new incursions. They are staunch, simple enemies of those who would corrupt their world, not given to manipulations and schemes but rather to the joy of battle and the edge of a blade well used. The Order's main strength lies in its pure numbers and the rigorous training its members undergo, from the lowliest squires to Grand Master Brannigan himself. They are well equipped and veterans most, rigid and uncompromising, and brave to a fault.

For the most part, The Order believes that the best way to handle the planet's slide toward becoming a true MultiVersal hub is to beat the snot out of everything that comes through the portals and to keep beating it until it either doesn't get up again or runs home with its tail tucked firmly between its legs. Or whatever passes for legs. They aren't true purists, in the normal BrikVersian use of the term, as they have long shared their world with certain other toy species and officially take the stance that the OAB protects them from outside incursion as well. It's a fine line, of course, and the subject of Arkeais' true origin Universe remains a subject of much debate in the grand halls the knights call home.

Notable Members of The Order

The Order of Automatic Binding churns out heroes everyday and their litany of deeds goes on for days. The following are some of the even more notable members.

Grand Master Brannigan Bricksworn

Brannigan is a no-bullshit, hard-nosed badass. Knight adventurer extraordinaire, the old man has protected Arkeais and its peoples for as long as anyone can remember. With as many wars and assassination attempts he has lived through, even his greatest foes give him a good measure of respect. Folks just can't help it, so commanding is his sheer presence. The Grand Master lays down law and rigidly enforces it and all others fall in line...except, perhaps, for his slightly younger brother who is a near constant thorn in his side. The Bricksworns are an ancient, powerful family whose blood runs through the very veins of the planet they protect and Brannigan was born to lead his family and the OAB to great victory. He does it well.

Lord High Wizard Aldric Bricksworn

As his brother Brannigan is the hard ass of the family, Aldric is his opposite in many regards. Aldric relishes in chaos and destruction and has very little use for rules and laws. As an extremely powerful kineticist, and armed with his Heroic staff Moonstriker, Aldric also has very little problem smashing his way through them when they prove an impediment to his progress. The Lord High Wizard has even been known to topple castle walls with a flick of his staff, on occasion. He has been lifted to his lofty position by dent of his birth and his sheer unadulterated power. Otherwise, his impudence would have rewarded him with an eternal apprenticeship. Here is a wizard who loves a good brawl, a good time, and the thrill of victory. Aldric likes to break the mold and encourages others to do so, which causes some tension with the older members of The Order, who believe in a very specific right conduct. He is well loved by many of the younger members, however, who enjoy his joie de vivre and his unmatched charisma.

Relations with other Arkeaisian Factions

As a major faction on Arkeais, the OAB comes into frequent contact with most of the movers and shakers on the FringeWorld. With the threat the innumerable portals pose, this contact usually comes in the form of a temporary alliance but, sometimes, the philosophical differences between the factions becomes insurmountable and the contact comes in the form of glorious battle.

DragonRiders of StormHall

The DragonRiders of StormHall are sometime allies to the OAB. The Order sees them mostly as a useful means to an end, another tool to be used against the invading NegaHordes. While the Order finds the Riders' use of Nega conversion to be distasteful, they can't deny it's effectiveness and recognize the tactical importance of turning the enemy's resources back against them. The knights tend to think of the roving warriors as flighty and irresponsible, certainly not a faction that can be regularly relied upon, but they recognize a kindred fighting spirit in them and are more than happy to use them whenever they can.

Sons of Mim

The Sons of Mim are some of The Order's greatest opponents. Where the OAB seeks to protect Arkeais and stand vigilant against further threat, the Sons want to destroy the planet, believing they can hit the restart button and reforge the world anew. The Order has no doubt about the Sons' miraculous power of reshaping ABS and it causes something very like a tremor of fear to run through the minds of the old guard. They have pleaded with the Sons on numerous occasions to do something more productive with their Creative powers but the upstart rebellion is absolutely intent on the destruction of everything...including all that The Order long ago dedicated their lives to protect.

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