Order of the Equinox

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Order of the Equinox
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Representative Democracy
TL 6
Small Empire
None listed
Deep Space Management


Immortal Alliance

Sons of Akurreya

Space Pirates


Notable People
President of Noxar

Agent Matt Artin

Overview of Noxarian forces, circa G.R. 2010.

The Order of the Equinox, a faction that really like money and power related stuff, are from the planet Noxar in the Fleurdelys system. Noxar is not really their homeworld since they invaded it but still, they call it "home". The Order of the Equinox use a small fleet to move between their different bases and to other planets. They have trained a number of pilots to maneuver their ships. Theses pilots receive a full training that teach them everything from planet surface movement to intergalactic maneuvering as well as the use of force if necessary.

Their first leader was President Karl Kashnik, until he was captured and put on trial by the Sons of Akurreya during the Fall of the Justicar. The next President and his entire cabinet of advisors was then killed while giving a speech

The Fleurdelys system is a small planetary system located in the far end of the brikverse. Several factions inhabit the system and the Order of the Equinox is the dominant one.

The Order turned out to be getting weapons from Dial'O'Death and the Immortal Alliance during the Happy Ending Treason.

Modern Noxarian forces.

Army thread

Noxarian escort ships

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