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The Goddess of death, necromancy and the underworld, Hel. Wife of Sakyrja.
The Goddess of death, necromancy and the underworld, Hel. Wife of Sakyrja.
[[Theology and Philosophy]]

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First Universal Church of Explosions

Folowers of the first national church of explosions or the FUnCE (pronounced "funky") believe it is their sacred duty to smite all in their path. This is the most common religion of the Brikwars universe, as all minifigs abhor peace.

‍The Cult of BrikThulhu

Brain Separator The overriding goal of the BrikThulhu cult is the reversal of the natural order. As such, they violently oppose any form of standardized organization, except when they embrace

BrikThulhu Instructions it in order to violate the rule of violently opposing any form of standard organization. It's impossible to predict the behavior, tactics, or motivations of any one cultic group as compared to another.

Independent BrikThulhu-affiliated minifig cults operate under a variety of symbols.

The Oktopustika represents the ultimate antithesis of all that is good, natural, and true.

The BrikThulhu Pyramid is composed of 09 rows of 37 bricks, 0937 being a holy number to BrikThulhu's cult.

The image embossed on the 37-eyed Seal of BrikThulhu is of the Brain Separator, the iconic tool of BrikThulhu cultists.

The Necronobrikon is the legendary tome of Brikthulhu, and sacred to his cultists.

‍Dice Worship and the Cult of the Player

The mathematically-impossible Dodekube is the icon of the dice-worshippers, who believe that logic is an illusion and that the universe is built up of nothing more than the cosmic dice rolls of disinterested gods. The belief arises from the fact that even the most sober and rational minifigs sometimes find themselves able to "see the dice."

Followers of dice worship are allways looking for cover as they believe life is entirely random and that at anytime a few chunks af ABS could smack them to the ground. Although this does sometimes happen, it is a very rare occurance.


The Humanati worship humans directly, and are believed to be an offshoot of the Cult of the Player. They are still very new, but they domake sacrifices all the time in order to get the gods to notice them. They are expanding, so more of them should appear, but they will most likely remain mediocore when compared to the Brikthulu and Great Mason worshippers.

‍BrickMasons and The Great Builder

The Cthu-Lhuminati infiltrate all significant institutions in the BrikWars universe through their fraternal front organization, the BrickMasons, seeking the forbidden technology and occult knowledge that will one day allow the minifigs to rise up and disassemble Humans in a terrifying Octopocalypse.

Although a seemingly innocuous fraternal organization at the lower levels, the upper BrickMason echelons practice occult rituals based on belief in a supernatural Human known as the Great Builder. The Great Builder is who hath created all the planets, and all the MOCs within them. Mid-level BrickMasons are his followers, who attempt to follow in his footsteps. Being pacifists, worshippers of the Great Builder have many rescources to spend on erecting magnificent cities and MOCs wherever they are found.

Upper-Level BrickMasons are actually members of the Cthu-Lhuminati, and they seek to discover the nature of an Even Greater Builder who constructed Humans, so they might learn his secrets and disassemble the Great Builder. To do this, they spend a great deal of time and resources organizing conspiracies to destroy all the varied and glorious creations of mid-level BrickMasons in the most spectacular fashion, to maintain their control of society and to learn the secrets that can be gained from fantastic acts of gratuitous destruction.

‍Dungan Shrines

The tripartite Troika symbolizes Construction, Disassembly, and "Mu" - Mu being an expression of the falsehood of the other two categories. The more one studies the three parts, the more the meanings reverse, until an infinite regression of self-contradiction leaves the viewer freed of the burden of conscious knowledge. It is often associated with the regenerative powers of the Dungan Jaw-Jaws.

Dungan worshippers believe that by becoming more like the Dungans, they can gain the foul creatures' regenerative powers, allowing them to heal injuries or perform regenerative magic upon such things as broken castles or sports cars. Their primary goal is to bring themselves to a transcendental state of consciousness through various means of deliberate self-infection with Dungan venom or other bodily fluids, or through the worship and consumption of sewage.

‍Dimmy Meditation and Mystical Juniorism

Minifig Dimmies, uniformed in the T-shirts and baseball caps of the human fratboys they seek to emulate, destroy quality construction wherever they find it; gradually turning the Lego world into an endless waste of shoddily-assembled piles of random elements. This is viewed as the ultimate escape from the materialism, desire, standards, and expectations of minifig society. This Mystical Juniorism is sometimes seen as an attractive option by minifigs who have become depressed by Critical Failure during a crucial opportunity for righteous destruction.


See Geometric Cult of Doom for details

‍Reference: http://www.mikerayhawk.com/brikthulhu.htm

‍Volse gods

Volse Gods are the pantheon worshiped by the Vol there are nine gods in the pantheon;

‍And The all-father, and god of military service and marriage. Husband of Jimelya.

‍Tuefish The Volse god of war and keeper of Volhall, the hall of the glorious slain, and where every Vol soldier strives to spend eternity.

‍Samn The god of fire and cunning, he is a brilliant tactician, but is also a troublemaker, causing almost as many problems as he solves.

‍Sakyrja The god of deception, music and skaldic poetry. Husband of Aljs.

‍Jo The god of summer, crops and inventions, he taught the Vol to make and use their heavy armor, he was killed by Samn, who dared him to make a suit of armor with no weak points, then used plasma to melt the suit into a solid piece, suffocating Jo.

‍Tesli The god of science and energy, Tesli gave the Vol vehicles and taught them how to harvest energy from the core of a star. Husband of Ada.

‍Ada The goddess of technology, mathematics, writing and computers, she carved runes into Tesli's machines, which brought them to life and told them how to behave. Wife of Tesli.

‍Jimelya The Goddess of celebration and mead. Wife of And.

‍Aljs The Goddess of death, necromancy and the underworld, Hel. Wife of Sakyrja.

Theology and Philosophy

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