Paladins against the Peaches

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Paladins against the Peaches
Military Rule
Tek Level 5
10 systems
None listed
Silvarian Empire

Meritocratic Republic of Trattoria Third Alliance

Notable People
Yellow Spaceman

Trattoria conquered a small anti-peach empire of 5 systems several hundred G.R.s ago. In the khaotic aftermath of the Trattorian AI Rebellion 300 G.R.'s ago, the Paladins took the opportunity to declare independence from their oppressors. The civil war fought afterwards was bloody as the remainder of the Trattorian fleet that wasn't destroyed in the AI Rebellion battled against the Paladins’ puny excuse of a navy. Their leader, the Yellow Spaceman, was a tactical genius, but was still on the losing side, only capturing one planet, until the Silvarians decided to help them. After that, they combined their navies and launched an assault on the planet next to Trattoria. Despite losing 7/8 of their fleet, they managed to send out fighters and bombers at a city on the surface and wrecked it. The Trattorians, already demoralized from the mass khaos and destruction of the AI Rebellion and its accompanying tek level demotion and economic crash, agreed to leave them be but still retained an intense hatred of them. Since then the Paladins against the Peaches have expanded 5 more systems from their original 5, and have launched numerous peach-genocide campaigns, as well as developing their own formidable army and navy. Although the Trattorians slowly recovered to their former prosperous TL7 status in the hundreds of G.R.s since then, their more conservative politics still hasn't led to a reinvasion of the Paladins, although it is occasionally discussed in the Trattorian Legislature.


A group of Paladins against the Peaches with their unusually long-lived leader, the Yellow Spaceman.

Also this is like the third retkon of their backstory and I don't really care about this faction anymore.

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