Paladins against the Peaches

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Paladins against the Peaches
Military Rule
Tek Level 5
10 systems
None listed
Silvarian Empire
Peaches Military of United Nations Third Alliance
Notable People
Yellow Spaceman

Once, there was a supreme court case that ruled that all peaches would be enslaved, and may not be killed without scientific reason. This roiled the government for a few years, until a group of congressmen representing the 5 farthest systems of Trattoria got fed up and declared independence. The civil war fought afterwards was bloody as the entire Sector 63 fleet battled against the Paladins’ puny excuse of a navy. Their leader, the Yellow Spaceman, was a tactical genius, but was still on the losing side, only capturing one planet, until the Silvarians decided to help them. After that, they combined their navies and launched an assault on the planet next to Trattoria. Despite losing 7/8 of their fleet, they managed to send out fighters and bombers at a city on the surface and wrecked it. The Trattorians, demoralized, agreed to leave them be but still retained an intense hatred of them. Since then the Paladins against the Peaches have expanded 5 more systems from their original 5, and have launched numerous peach-genocide campaigns, as well as developing their own formidable army and navy.


A group of Paladins against the Peaches with their leader, the Yellow Spaceman

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