Pantus, the Grey Threat

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The Pantus Civilization developed in an unsettling manner in its millenia of isolation from the rest of humankind. They fanatically follow the directives of Lord Pantus, a Blockhead with a strange ability to animate and control large Crawling Stones and Ominous Grey Pairs of Pants.

Lord Pantus rarely engages in battle personally, instead sending a subordinate Pants Lord to control the battle. The controller finds a defensible corner from which to direct his minions to victory. His safety always comes first, and so his Crawling Stones and Ominous Pants are often called upon to block enemy bullets with their bodies. Fortunately, they are nearly indestructible.

The citizens of Pantus are a spooky bunch, mechanistically going about their daily business without conversation or emotion. Their daily business consists mostly of quarrying stone and sewing pants. Pantus Normal People attack outsiders on sight, even if they have no chance of doing any damage whatsoever. The only time they display any emotion is during their yearly production of Lord of the Pants, which always induces wild screaming ovations and dozens of encores. Pantling SpaceTroopers have stony dispositions and like to volunteer for suicide missions. There will only be one or two squads of Pantling SpaceTroopers in any given battle - most of the fighting will be done by Crawling Stones and Ominous Pants. Pantling vehicles are very rare, because Lord Pantus dislikes anything that moves fast.

Pants Lords are the most exalted of Lord Pantus' underlings. He has given them the ability to control legions of Pants and Stones, in addition to their battle training. A Pants Lord is necessary to animate Crawling Stones and Ominous Pants. If all the Pants Lords in a battle are killed, all the Stones and Pants cease animation and become normal stones and pants. They can control as many Stones and Pants as they like, at whatever range. A Pants Lord looks like a grey minifig with a clear visor on the funny helmet with air tubes. Often, they will stick black or white plumage on one or both sides of their helmet.

The Pantus Crawling Stones are frightening grey Blox that creep around the battlefield crushing things and animating lesser stones. They are very difficult to destroy, and often stack themselves into walls to defend more important Pantling troopers or installations. They can climb up and down walls and ceilings at normal speed.

Pantling Ominous Grey Pairs of Pants strike terror in the hearts of all who behold them. Normal People scare their Normal Children with bedtime stories about the Ominous Grey Pants With Nobody Inside Them. These mysterious Pants could only have been forged in the darkest pits of evil. Obsessed with destruction, they stagger around battlefields kicking everything they see. But most terrifyingly, nothing but the will of a Pants Lord can move them. Even if a planetoid crashes into them, killing them, they stand in the same place unmoved.

The point of most Pantus battles are unclear to non-Pantlings. Not interested in mundane objectives like conquering new lands or destroying enemies, their goals are uncanny and strange. The Massacre of Raupill V came to an abrupt end when the Pantus forces found the frying pan they were looking for. The Pantlings fought the Three Battles of Anteron II in order to kill a certain brown horse. While their objectives are usually fairly innocuous, their methods are deadly. They will destroy anyone and anything that come between them and their target. Once they have achieved their mission, they fall back to protect the commanding Pants Lord's escape.

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