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Inhabitants of the Universe


A Short History of the PedoNuker

PedoNuker's True Form

PedoNuker is an anorak that has forever raped his place into the Far-Ums mythology, a summary of how he did is provided in the next section.

Anyway, a really long time ago Warhead raped another one of his mom-slaves, this one from Nyphilis. As a quick reminder, Nyphilians are all injected with the virus STD Nyphilis at birth to distinguish from foreigners but use a genetic engineering program to breed (this would remove any ill effects created by the virus). So when Warhead’s contraceptive or whatever he uses failed that fateful day, his seed and the virus had an epic battle in pedomom’s uterus. This resulted in a twisted, perverted, ultra-idiotic immortal even the wallies refuse to be with: PedoNuker.

Of course, FedoNuker takes the form of “President Austin”, so if that’s not pedo’s true form, then why isn’t it reflected back on him? Well, the pedomom escaped from warhead’s grasp soon after, and by the time Warhead saw Pedonuker for the first time, he was already assuming the form of president Austin to run false-flag and generally defame and ruin the Nyphilian empire from which he was deposed from. But his Warhead heritage is reflected in his unmasked face, a transparent skull.

As stated many times, pedonuker is a shapeshifter, able to change from his true form to impersonate a variety of people. Some of his more popular forms are copying president Austin and belugas.

Pedonuking on the Far-Ums

His real identity is unknown but PedoNuker is thought to look something like this. He's just a little old for the 11 year old he claims to be.

As PandoraNuker, he tried to rule-lawyer his way into winning King of the Hill, he Produced a forum battle whose entire story premise decided to take the Immortal War and ride it doggy-style, after being banned, asked for a second chance, and did exactly the same thing again. Somewhere during all this, a rather handsome devil came up with the nickname Pedonuker for everybody's least favorite forum goer, and it stuck. He's also stalking/eye-raping aoffan32's 13 year old cousin. He was later one of the select few to have been banhammered by stubby, but returned somehow to plague the far-ums once again.

As beluga, he revealed his weird liking for belugas and started a pointless war with the NSST, eventually degrading down into a shithole of pure, refined, butthurt and anorakiskness. This led to stubby awarding him with a (censored) beluga porn banner. This in turn led to his ultimate rage, and made him abandon that account.

A minor alt known as rekuNarodnaP appeared and feebly attempted to jack the art contest, but was swiftly deleted by stubby for not being entertaining enough.

Finally, as Colette, he is relatively tame compared to his previous incarnations but has earned enough hatred from his previous deeds to last him another account.

Pedo nuker got butthurt

So Stubby perma-banned his entire ISBN region so he couldn't make a new account and come back. (he since hasn’t updated the banlist. Various theories range from laziness to entertainment to trolling the forum)

But the weird thing is that he keeps coming back to chat, every day for months, to remind us that we don't like him. What bizarre combination of mental deficiencies leads someone to do that? It's like a creepy stalker ex-girlfriend, except there was no dating in the first place.

He is a massive pedo and likes to groom so beware.

More about it to be found here:

Obviously Perma-banning means little to this little shithole as he's back plaguing the Chat and the Forum under the alt beluga ( Help to keep out Forum and Chat Pedo free and flame this retarded little fucker on sight. Stubby has since punished his beluga reincarnation, forcing him to rage and rebirth himself as Colette.


Some PedoNuker clones in his popular "President Austin" form, as well as Fedonuker "Warhead"

FedoNuker has recently begun cloning PedoNuker in the billions. Because Warhead has not seen pedo's true form, all of his clones are stuck in "President Austin" mode. There are billions of them spread around the galaxy, and though weaker, less vile, and not immortal like the original, they are still capable of doing some evil things. Other than that, yeah, nobody's really developed the fedonuker plot line yet that much.

Also, one of fedonuker's acolytes has captured an anal disruptor and he may be secretly mass-producing it. Silverdream has vowed to stop such action if done.

Incarnation Tracker

The latest incarnation of PedoNuker, in spirit, is Brikguy, as of Rekon 2014.

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