Planet Brimstone

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Planet Brimstone
TL 5
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In the farthest reaches of space lies the uninhabitable but mineral rich planet Brimstone. The planet is so distant and barren, little is known about it. What is known is thought to be mostly mostly myth. Some think that there are some OT deposits on the planet, but few are willing to take the risk to go there and try to find them.

As the legend goes, the first explorers of the planet were a pair of DarkTron SpaceMen. In addition to the OT ore deposits, they found something even more mysterious, something they had never seen before, Black Transparent Ore. It seemed to pulse and distort the very air around them. Curious, they went in for a closer look. As they drew nearer and touched the ore, its effects seemed to get even more noticeable. They began to feel a change in themselves, they were getting stronger, more powerful... and more evil.

BrimstoneIMG 0636-1.jpg

They became the first of the Corrupted SpaceMen, who were transformed by the ore. The Black Transparent ore contains some kind of dark antimatter which warps, twists and corrupts anything near it. The DarkTron SpaceMen absorbed the biggest portion of the ore's power, and are therefore the most powerful and most evil of the Corrupted SpaceMen. Their powers and abilities are far beyond those of their original forms. Their bodies have been transformed into a form of plasma, which is contained inside their spacesuits. The BT ore affects inorganic matter as well; their weapons have also became transformed into more powerful forms.

BrimstoneIMG 0639.jpg

As time went on, other SpaceMen from various places found their way to the planet Brimstone, not knowing what lurked on the planet's surface. Very few returned. The Corrupted SpaceMen tried to get others to join them by absorbing BT antimatter as they had. The few who did became plasma based entities like the corrupted DarkTrons, but in a slightly weaker form. The majority of other explorers, however, tried to resist, and were killed. Afterwards, their corpses were exposed to the BT antimatter, creating the Undead Corrupted SpaceMen, who are evil space skeletons. They are weaker than the living Corrupted SpaceMen, but are far more numerous, and still very deadly.

The BT antimatter strengthens someone's natural abilities in addition to making them more evil. Those who were good with ranged weapons become more proficient with them, those who are skilled with melee weapons become better with them, and so forth.

The few survivors quickly fled back to their planets, never to return. As their tales of these monsters made it back to neighboring systems, there was a general consensus that something had to be done to prevent this evil from spreading across the universe. Somehow the Corrupted SpaceMen hadn't managed to get their hands on any space ships yet, but if they managed to corrupt one, things could get ugly very fast. Someone had to go back to planet Brimstone and eradicate this threat, or at least contain them until a solution could be found.

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