Planet Mμ

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Planet Mμ
Mμ System
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Planet Mμ is located in a red galaxy near the edge of the Galactik Civilization. Its solar system has five other planets, and its star is in its red giant phase.

Planet Mμ is a barren planet, devoid of any plant life and has little water on the surface, though there is plenty in the caverns inside it. There are massive lava lakes all around the planet, perfect for pushing enemy minifigs into. The poles of the planet are completely made up of ice and look like an Iceworlds. Planet Mμ was home to an ancient and mysterious civilization, the L-Mentals. It is unknown exactly when this civilization was active, but the ruins found suggest it was millions of years old, before the Galactik Revolutions were recorded. Some millennia ago, a cataclysmic event occurred and the civilization was broken. The L-Mentals, who were previously simple-minded brutes, turned the engineering geniuses. They specialized themselves into different castes. The red type, Ir0xx0rz, are lava-types and constantly misunderstood. The yellow-green type, Sulfurry, can melt through most anything and form tunnels. The blue type, Parka, lives in colder areas and supports slavery. The orange type, Firefox is smart and clever by nature. The green type, Bulldar, are strong and live in the temperate caverns. They engineered their own genetics to derive energy directly from LEG-Ore, making many internal organs useless. Their bodies became shapeless and are often mistaken for Dungan Poo Shrines.

Planet Mμ is abundant with LEG-Ore and Brikonium. The planet’s surface and crust is made mostly of various types of rock, mainly igneous. There are millions of limestone and marble caverns, studded with gemstones and crystals of Brikonium. Its mantle is composed mostly of volcanic rock. It is also where the most of the Brikonium, LEG-Ore and wildlife are located. The outer and inner cores are composed of LEG-Ore. Near the planet’s core is an enormous Brikonium cache that heavily guarded by L-Mentals.

Planet Mμ has very little oxygen. Minifig inhabitants must build Life Support Stations to mine the outer crust and break it into its main elements, namely Calcium, Magnesium, Iron and Oxygen.


The story started with a rock band called The Radars returning home, from a gig in an unknown Solar System. With only three days left, the Radars accidentally piloted the HIMS (His Imperial Majesty's Starship) Dora into an asteroid belt (Those idiots!). Several asteroids collided with the Dora until all shields are down and all communication gear is lost. The Captain said "This can't get any worse!" so of course, it got worse. An enormous wormhole opened up near the Dora and its gravitational pull began to pull it in. Captain commanded Scott the engineer to set the thrusters at full power to escape the wormhole. Scott rolled a Critical Failure and actually managed to drain Dora‘s fuel supply and pull the ship into the wormhole.

The wormhole shot them to the far reaches of the Galactik Civilization. Captain ordered Scott to use the emergency power to travel to the nearest planet, Planet Mμ. Mr. Spack scanned the planet and saw that it was loaded with Brikonium, a viable source of power. Captain sent out a few search parties before settling Dora down and anchoring it to Planet Mμ. The Radars have since made life easier on the planet by creating terraforming equipment into the caverns and tunnels. The first generation is long gone and the later generations (Specifically those who started mining in BR 2,009) have grown to have strange tastes in color, likening them to the Rainbow Knights.

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