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No one really knows who or what the being called Professor Twist'Ed really is. Some say he's just a freaky mutant, former professor and overall lunatic. Others take him as an entity of pure chaos and madness unleashed, result of all the inconceivable and constant craziness the BrikVerse seems to perpetually be in.

In terms of looks, his green head is a gross agglomerate of two large red horns and a single white one on top, with two chameleon-like large red eyes. He wears a rather stereotypical outfit of a teacher. No one is quite sure if it's some kind of skirt or tunic covering his legs or if that's a sluggish-sort of tail beneath his humanoid-ish form.

With unknown origins, agendas or purposes, this being is truly a mystery.

Professor Twist'Ed, has, however, been sighted performing utterly ridiculous feats of power: Manipulation of physics, bending of reality and ABS, time travel, teleportation, and even summoning portals and creatures from the Negaverse and beyond. Some have even seen him zombify minifigs, build entire armies of Blokbots, call upon hordes of Psionic Chessman and hanging out with BrikThulhu.

To empower himself, he has been spotted wielding a wide assortment of artifakts, depending on whatever twisted goal he's trying to accomplish. Currently, the Professor has been accounted for several times in Hellius, where he obtained an arcane staff, called the Chaoscepter. It is speculated that said staff can bring forth things from other universes unto the Brikverse.

One shivers when thinking of what madness could Twist'Ed be up to with such power.

Professor Twist'Ed is said to have tutored Professor Sharkhead, among others, in the sciences of whatever. They, like him, are completely bonkers. He is usually followed by a variety of familiars, although a small, goblin-looking creature seems to be a constant companion, working as a body-guard.

An artist's interpretation of Professor Twist'Ed wielding the Chaoscepter.
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