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Psioniks is the SuperNatural power representative of the ability to control the universe with one's mind. This is a purely mental ability. Practitioners work to develop their mental capacity to channel greater amounts of psychic energy. Though nonphysical in nature, this energy is then used to affect physical matter. In some cases, this will take the form of moving objects at a distance. In others, changing the physical properties of an object or creature, such as boiling water or altering molecular composition or the energy input/output of another creature's brain.


Psionik Application

Psionik power in the BrikVerse is a universally consistent energy. That is, it is always generated by the mental energies of sentient creatures and is always compatible with other psionik energies, even if the creatures themselves are totally alien to one another, which might be a side effect of the construction toy basis around which reality in the BrikVerse revolves. That said, there are two general ways in which to use Psioniks.

Individual Psioniks

Using Psioniks individually simply means generating the power needed for an effect by oneself. This is far and away the most common occurrence of Psioniks in the BrikVerse.

Psionik Concert

Using Psioniks in Concert means joining minds and combining the mental energies of two or more sentient creatures to generate the energy needed to produce an effect. Note that only one of the creatures needs to be a practitioner to shape the energies into the desired effect. Note also that this joining may be voluntary or involuntary.

Psionik Effects

Psioniks can be used to produce any physical effect imaginable. The limiting factor is the degree of power each effect requires. Therefore, practitioners are always looking for easier ways to do things, so as to avoid exhausting their mental reserves more quickly. Sometimes, among groups of practioners, a rote will develop that is representative of the simplest way to produce a commonly desired effect. These Rotes are given common names as a method of shorthand reference among those in the know. Examples include: Beastmastery, Teknokinesis, Telekinetiks, Telepathy, Mind Control, Precognition, Psychoanalysis, and Pyrokinesis.

Psioniks in the BrikVerse

The Immortals

Certain elements associated with the Immortal Empire serve as perhaps the most well known example of psionik use in the BrikVerse. These practitioners are famous for their signature ability to Fly, a specific form of Telekinesis, although its use does appear to limit their other abilities somewhat. Their abilities seem to be broken down into two noticeable disciplines: Physical and Ethereal. Members are extraordinarily proficient in either but this focus seems to come at the drawback of a weaker physical stature. The practitioners seem perfectly fine with this arrangement and are as well known for their supreme confidence in their own abilities as they are for their brutal use of them. As such, they carry little to no equipment and enemies know doom when they see the lightly armed and armored Psykiks swooping down from the sky.


PsiTek is Teknologikal equipment that has been specially modified to store or channel psionik energy. Use of PsiTek significantly reduces the strain on a psionik practitioner's own mind and mental reserves, allowing him to draw on the stored energy instead or input small amounts into the device and have it naturally amplify and focus those energies instead of doing all the work himself. For all their energy saving advantages, however, PsiTek devices are still extremely limited in scope. They can only be made to serve a specific function (the majority are weapons) and the energy input into the device will always be reconfigured according to those parameters. For reference, PsiTek parameters are usually defined in terms of Psionik Rotes. Some PsiTek has been developed that reverses mental polarity and can fry a practitioner's brain while engaged in psionik activity.

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