RAGE, The Forgotten BloodBlade

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RAGE, the Forgotten BloodBlade
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Heroic Weapon

Can parry OTCs

+20d20 Damage vs. non-ABS monstrosities

Warhead's Conquests

Eons ago, when Warhead was only in his primordial conquest for the galaxy, when OTCs were still a legendary myth to all, RAGE was his mighty weapon. Stained by blood from countless battles and countless enemies slain, the weapon turned blood red, forever. No one remembers what RAGE was made of, least of all Warhead; he only knew that the more blood the blade spilled, the harder and sharper it became, turning into a new kind of alloy. The weapon was now feared by many, and the greater Warhead's victories were, the mightier RAGE became, capable of leveling entire cities with one unstoppable blow!

But the weapon's days of usage and owning were counted. Warhead and several other conquerors discovered the OTC, and were seduced by its ultimate awesomeness. Since those ancient times, RAGE was completely forgotten by its master and left on some random new-born planet, for he cared no more for it. The swords soul was angry at its former wielder and thirsty for bloodshed, yet no one found it for centuries and it lost much of its power, falling asleep...

BFenix's Quest


In B.R. 2,010, the planet Hellius was already long colonized by the Metal Warriors, and BFenix knew of the blade's existence. He found it on one the many scattered Steelliums around the planet. The weapon demanded a test of awesomeness and might so one could be proven worthy of wielding it. BFenix journeyed throughout Hellius challenging all the Metal Warrior clans on the planet, even defeating a Juggerbunny. He showed so much skill, courage, and badassness that RAGE accepted him has its new master, expecting a new life of conquest and victory. After the epic journey, he was also named Leader of all the Metal Warriors and protector of the Metal Realms.


RAGE is one of the few weapons that can parry OTCs, and is considered a Heroic Weapon in its own right. RAGE has a +20d20 Damage bonus against trolls, NegaBlokians, Juggerbunnies, and other non-ABS-based monstrosities.

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