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Good old fashioned war, minifig against minifig dashing about and clashing forcefully together in a ballet of death on the field of battle, never really gets old. But there are always ways to expand the experience. For most BrikVersians, more ways to experience sheer bloody carnage can never really be a bad thing. For some BrikVersians, the way to make battle even more interesting is to put it on wheels and drive it down the highway to hell, mounted machine guns a-blazing. RaceCourses can take a variety of forms, depending upon the vehicles being used (from deathbikes and machine gun toting cars to starfighters), and maybe located virtually anywhere in the known galaxies. One of the more expansive examples is BrikRace, a Far-Ums show featuring a variety of races from around the universe.

Possible Uses:

  • Prove dominance in more than one arena.
  • More things to put more dakka on.

Tactical Considerations:

  • Vehicle speed creates an added element of danger, that of collision damage, so take advantage whenever possible.
  • Pilots, drivers, and riders are typically more protected from incoming damage than they otherwise would be on foot, prepare some anti-armor weaponry and accuracy boosts in order to mitigate this advantage.
  • Bring pilots to a drive-fight. You want to be able to maximize your killing efficiency.


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