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The Brikverse always self-corrects.

For too long has complacency and bureaucracy lingered within the universe as a bloated tumor. It was inevitable that such inaction would be met with an equally severe reaction. Ultimately, it came in the form of the BROOTALZ - an enigmatic legion of savage orkoids that erupted like green pus from a fetid wound and descended onto the galaxy. Fueled by nothing but sheer, blind hatred and rage towards everything, the hordes left nothing but complete and utter devastation in their wake.

The BROOTAL plague quickly spread beyond the invading forces. Other orks throughout the galaxy also experienced a strong bloodlust overtaking them, bringing the same degree of relentless carnage to worlds out of reach of the main horde. The concentration of the BROOTALZ' shared psychic fury culminated in a ravenous, astral gestalt that set out to feast on the minds and hearts of the inhabitants of Nehellenium, driving many to similar levels of unbridled frenzy. Others gazed at the brutality and scope of the violence and joined in on the slaughter, either to further their own interests, or because such senseless decimation seemed like a good time to cut themselves (and others) loose.

The BROOTALZ will not stop until the entire Nehellenium Galaxy is ground to dust. The heroes of the Brikverse prepare to make a stand against the savage hordes, not realizing that their assault is only a harbinger of worse things to come... things no one can stop.

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Ragnablok is the epic battle, which according to many brik religions, will end the Brikverse in a flood of gore, fire and gratuitous bloodshed.

There are tales that Ragnablok would occur during a Year of Brikthulhu, possibly BR 2,012, however, the Brikverse went through another great year of conflicts but nothing so cataclysmic that would end it.


Ragnablok 2018

Ragnablok of R2018/R2019 was a meta event that served to "split off" from the main Nehellenium universe Kanon, or NUK for a number of reasons. The Ragnablok split was not necessarily into two halves, nor was it accepted by all. It simply provided an avenue for new and current members to start over, with no questions asked.

As a result, Some content creators decided to abandon their nehellenium kanon for other endeavours. These articles that were willfully declared to be part of the NUK, indicating they were replaced by something similar, yet seperate in another universe.

For all intents and purposes, Ragnablok was treated by the community as one big reset button. Not all community members agreed to participate, and others chose to go off and create their own universes rather than participate in another shared one.

Timeline of Events

  • Trattorian Chief Scientist Dr. Ong successfully kills QS Colette, believing that Colette's death will eliminate all nonscientific heresies in the Brikverse. This instead has the opposite effect, as QS Colette was in fact the source of order in a khaotic universe. As a result of Ong's hubris, the nation of Trattoria is fired.

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  • The Gold Sector vanishes in a mysterious event, leaving behind an empty void with a single planet in the center, the legendary Planet Butt.

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  • Soldiers from 27 factions in the Brikverse investigate Planet Butt, discovering a powerful buttifakt guarded by Whiteagle himself. A prolonged melee over the buttifakt awakens Brikthulhu, who takes the buttifakt for himself and yeets into the night. Soldiers from the Empire of Luchardsko recovers a miniature buttifakt from the battle.

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  • Brikthulhu appears at the edge of Phoenician space, unleashes a computer virus throughout the Brikverse, and murders a bunch of heroes.

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  • The Polish occupation of Lietuva takes a turn for the worse when the rogue Field Marshall Ryszard Mazurek murders the delegates at the signing of the Polish-Lietuvan Treaty of Independence. It is not immediately clear why Mazurek does this, except in some sort of preparation for Ragnablok.

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  • Fleets of Brootalz, a race of khaotic orks once held back by Colette's influence, arrive to wreak havok on the Brikverse. Their first encounter is with an RC coalition force.

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  • After massacring the army, the Brootalz spread throughout the Nehellium galaxy and beyond. Their next recorded battle is in the Magenta sector, interrupting a battle between the IM, Technocrats, USA, and Celestial Kingdom.

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Key Participants

Agents of Ragnablok

Agents of Order

Artifakts of Ragnablok

The Buttnomikon

Current wielder: Luchardsko Empire

Previous wielders: Brikthulhu, Whiteagle

The Buttnomikon is a powerful artifakt for epik battles. All minifigs who see it lust after its power, and will attempt to control it at any cost. It is the weapon of the Horseman of Poop.

The Green Transforming Mace

Current wielder: Kommander Ken

Previous wielder: Zupponn

The Green Transforming Mace, or GT Mace, is the chosen weapon of Zupponn. It can change its form but is always transparent neon green in color. Zupponn awarded it to QS Kommander Ken after defeating Pacifass, the Horseman of Peace in battle.

Brikwars: The Visual Dictionary

Current wielder: Secretary Snape

Previous wielder: Warhead D.K. Shard

Brikwars: The Visual Dictionary contains all knowledge of all things Kanonical in the Brikverse, presented in a visually attractive form. It was developed by the D.K. Warhead Shard while in Trattorian imprisonment. The book is all that remains of QS Colette, the Horseman of Stability. It was stolen from Warhead during the events of "Enter the Ninja_verse" and is en route to the library of the Order of DobrzyƄ.


Current location: Valhalla

The hammer Jarnbjorn is trapped within the warrior's vault in Valhalla. What is it useful for? No one knows.

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