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Ragnablok is the epic battle, which according to many brik religions, will end the Brikverse in a flood of gore, fire and gratuitous bloodshed.

There are tales that Ragnablok would occur during a Year of Brikthulhu, possibly G.R. 2,012, however, the Brikverse went through another great year of conflicts but nothing so cataclysmic that would end it.

Ragnablok 2018

Ragnablok of R2018/R2019 was a meta event that served to "split off" from the main Nehellenium universe Kanon, or NUK for a number of reasons. The Ragnablok split was not necessarily into two halves, nor was it accepted by all. It simply provided an avenue for new and current members to start over, with no questions asked.

As a result, Some content creators decided to abandon their nehellenium kanon for other endeavours. These articles that were willfully declared to be part of the NUK, indicating they were replaced by something similar, yet seperate in another universe.

For all intents and purposes, Ragnablok was treated by the community as one big reset button. Not all community members agreed to participate, and others chose to go off and create their own universes rather than participate in another shared one.

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