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Among primitive civilizations, the earliest ABS creations are marked by haphazard construction and wildly clashing colors. Minifig sociologists, who label this stage of cultural development as the "Rainbow Age," believe that this is evidence of primal religious archetypes seated deep within the primitive minifigs' psyches.

Among more advanced civilizations, Rainbowism and Rainbowist systems of belief are viewed as backwards, pagan, and even heretical. Nonetheless, in BR 2,004, the reigning families of the Royal bloodline had grown decadent and hedonistic, and fell into the libertine Neo-Rainbowist Revival. Forgetting their historic principles and standards of decency, and seduced by the thrill of just slapping MOCs together however they wanted, the King instituted a new order of Mocian Rainbow Knights.

The Mocians became the most hated of all the major Royal factions, not due to evil actions or gross stupidities, but because of their insufferable color choices. Despite his dedication to Evil and the cowardly nature of his troops, VladTron and his forces were hailed as heroes across the galaxy for their series of rebellions against the Rainbowist nobility. After continual attrition from VladTron attacks, the Mocian kingdom was reduced to ruins and finally brought to its end in BR 2,006. Mocian construction is mainly gray with baby blue highlights showing that most of the rainbow stuff was the knights and the horses.

It is believed that, in sharp contrast to the Rainbow Knights, their enemy; VladTron is one of the most badass factions ever.

Major flukes of the Rainbow Knights include:

  • Their swords are taller than their horses, so they built themselves mechanical horses.
  • They wear the most outrageously coloured armour known to the legonian smiths.
  • There are only four of them, and they appear to only have an army in a few mystical comic books.
  • They all seem to derive their powers from some form of animal, leading some to theorize that they are secretly also furries.

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